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0011234ScribusStylespublic2019-05-09 18:16
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Summary0011234: Style creation for footnotes
DescriptionWhen a user wants to insert a footnote for the first time, he doesn't seem to have control over the style, and there is no "footnote" style available in the Style Manager.

I suggest to let create Scribus a default style for footnotes as it currently does for continuous text (and based on this style, but at smaller font size), and also prompt a dialogue that asks whether a user wants to use the default footnote style, or to open the Style Manager.


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2012-12-05 07:22

updater   ~0029322

I am not sure if it is good approach to make new default style for footnotes.
For now footnotes text in note frame get style from frame with note mark.
If you have many frames with many styles used and want to have one common style for footnotes you can define such style and set it for current Notes Set.


2012-12-06 08:28

manager   ~0029333

imo, the current behavior is correct...


2012-12-09 06:54

administrator   ~0029346

In OO.o and LO the "Footnote" style is, by default, a child style of "Standard", which seems quite reasonable to me: Same font, but a smaller size (LaTeX's default proportions seem to be an excellent measurement).


2012-12-19 13:18

updater   ~0029457

But it should be exactly in this manner just now - if used notes style have not set paragraph and character style then created footnotes should get style from paragraph where mark for footnote is inserted.
Does not for you?


2012-12-20 05:34

administrator   ~0029462

Last edited: 2012-12-20 07:32

"But it should be exactly in this manner just now"

No, it isn't. Currently Scribus uses the paragraph style from the text it is being inserted into.

If we follow existing practice (and, I'd guess, user expectations), Scribus would, upon insertion of the first footnote, create a child style of the paragraph style, changing only the font size and line spacing.

According to this page, in LaTeX the default text size for footnotes is always 2 pt smaller than the one for continuous text:


2012-12-20 21:48

manager   ~0029468

i'm really not fond of the idea of automatically create styles when a feature gets used.

i really think that we should find a way to make more evident how such "special" styles are defined and managed... but, first, i'd prefer to see the lists and the table of contents and the properties palette being integrated into the trunk and only then, when we have the whole package there, think of ways to make the whole more user friendly.

currently, imo, it's good enough and does not need any urgent correction.

but we will have to check the workflow before 1.6 is out...


2012-12-21 05:56

administrator   ~0029469

Last edited: 2012-12-21 06:05

"i'm really not fond of the idea of automatically create styles when a feature gets used"

Why? Scribus creates default styles automatically even if the feature isn't being used at all (tables, table cells).

Plus, in most cases, using a child style to the paragraph style with the mentioned continuous text/footnote text ratio will meet the users' expectations or at least produce a reasonable (I referred to TeX, the typesetting standard) result. This will remove one step in the workflow for many or even most users. If they need something different, they can still change the default style or create a new one, just like they can do in LO or (with a little tinkering) in LaTeX.

You are absolutely right, though, that this is not urgent, and that the other features you mentioned deserve much more attention. My remarks should be understood as an issue for optimising with user-friendliness in mind.


2012-12-22 06:27

administrator   ~0029481

Last edited: 2012-12-22 06:31

I checked with several programs:

Calligra Words: Behaviour as currently in Scribus.
ViVaDesigner: Behaviour as currently in Scribus.

Word 2010: Behaviour as described by me.
TextMaker 2010: Behaviour as described by me.
LibreOffice 3.4.5: Behaviour as described by me.
AbiWord 2.8.6: Behaviour as described by me.
LaTeX/PDFTeX: Behaviour as described by me.
LyX: Behaviour as described by me.

Note: AbiWord is closest to my suggestion, as the footnote and footnote numbering styles are only being created upon insertion of the first footnote. The others have pre-defined styles, i.e., the footnote style is based on something like "Standard", or whatever the default style is called.

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