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0011255ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-02-26 12:41
ReporterChameleonRedOne Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.4.1 
Target Version1.5.1Fixed in Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0011255: Imported *.odt list has invalid font name but rest of test is O.K.
DescriptionImported *.odt list has invalid font name "times roman" but rest of text is O.K.

This is very annoying especially if bold/italic is use on the list - it require replace all the fonts manually!
Steps To Reproduce1. Create document in Google Docs with simple list - make some items bold.
- check if font is arial
2. Export document as *.odt
3. Load it into frame see that font on text is Arial and on the list is Times Roman!
Additional InformationI could send you test file if it required.

See picture how it look like in Scribus:

All is Arial but list become Times in Scribus.

Same in Google Docs:



related to 0012212 closedfschmid ODT import works reliably only with LibreOffice/OpenOffice files 
related to 0013672 assignedfschmid Imported *.odt triggers some font substitution confusion 



2012-12-15 10:17

reporter   ~0029377

Here is same *.odt in LibreOffice:


2012-12-15 15:16

reporter   ~0029390

I was checked that exported *.odt from Google Docs is parsed with LibreOffice (shows Arial) but is not parsed with Scribus (shows Times).

Whathever if I clear list style in Libre and set up again and save Scribus could parse it - something wrong with parsing I think so?


2014-08-11 17:34

administrator   ~0033232

Need to have the original .odt for testing.


2015-10-25 01:35

updater   ~0036897

Franz, I've uploaded an example file.


2015-10-25 01:36



2015-10-25 01:37

updater   ~0036898

Can reproduce on OSX 10.10.5 1.5.1svn r20493


2016-01-13 21:49

updater   ~0038135

ChameleonRedOne, could you provide original .odt for testing ?


2016-01-14 02:39


Untitleddocument.odt (4,938 bytes)


2016-01-14 02:40

updater   ~0038143

Franz, I've uploaded Untitleddocument.odt and it shows that all the bolded words are being inported as Times New Roman even though the original doc was all in Arial.


2016-01-16 13:01

updater   ~0038199

Last edited: 2016-01-21 14:09

Franz, commit r20685 created a regression. Now bolded letters are not shown. Good news: the fonts are all Arial :)

(OSX 10.10.5 1.5.1svn r20686)


2016-01-16 13:54

administrator   ~0038203

You need to have Arial Bold installed, not just Arial Regular to see bold letters.


2016-01-16 14:18

updater   ~0038204

So if I it was Helvetica, I would need to have Helvetica Bold installed as well ?


2016-01-16 14:26

updater   ~0038205

Ok.. I see what the issue is.. when importing ODT i need to uncheck the 'Import Text Only' checkbox so that it imports the styles as well ?


2016-01-16 14:32


timesnewroman.odt (10,553 bytes)


2016-01-16 14:42

updater   ~0038207

Last edited: 2016-01-16 14:45

This is bleeding in to a Font issue: see screencast

So i uploaded an ODT that is all Times New Roman (which i have both Regular and Bold installed in my local system fonts). I uncheck the 'Import Text Only' and frustratingly I'm getting prompted to find "Liberation Sans" ? and also "Times New Roman". Granted I have those fonts but their names have Regular appended to them then I guess Scribus wants to find the exact name?

So, the other thing is that when I replace those fonts I choose their 'Regular' font and Scribus knows how to bold them. According to you Franz, I needed to specify their Bold specific font name.

Also where did liberation sans come from?



2016-01-21 14:16

updater   ~0038322

Last edited: 2016-01-21 14:17

So where we are with this bug:
After r20685 the fonts effects are being represented correctly bolded and not bolded.
Remaining issue that most likely is a separate bug is:

1) As stated in 0011255:0038207
So i uploaded an ODT that is all Times New Roman (which i have both Regular and Bold installed in my local system fonts). I uncheck the 'Import Text Only' and frustratingly I'm getting prompted to find "Liberation Sans" ? and also "Times New Roman". Granted I have those fonts but their names have Regular appended to them then I guess Scribus wants to find the exact name? 

If the ODT file is asking to change fonts because it doesn't recognize the installed font (BTW, by it's name or by the contents of the font file?) how do we deal with this? Maybe a script like the one proposed in 0012985 but for imports?

2) in 0011255:0038207 an anomaly appeared in which Liberation Sans was being prompted in a Font Substitution menu upon importing timesnewroman.odt Why?


2016-01-21 18:33

updater   ~0038325

Closing this issue since it's fixed
Cloned to 0013672 and to report a different font problem
Thanks franz for the fix in r20685!

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