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0013672ScribusFontspublic2018-04-30 12:22
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Summary0013672: Imported *.odt triggers some font substitution confusion
DescriptionThis issue was cloned from 0011255
Imported *.odt list has invalid font name "times roman" but rest of text is O.K.

Remaining issue from 0011255 are:

1) As stated in 0011255:0038207
So i uploaded an ODT that is all Times New Roman (which i have both Regular and Bold installed in my local system fonts). I uncheck the 'Import Text Only' and frustratingly I'm getting prompted to find "Liberation Sans" ? and also "Times New Roman". Granted I have those fonts but their names have Regular appended to them then I guess Scribus wants to find the exact name? 

If the ODT file is asking to change fonts because it doesn't recognize the installed font (BTW, by it's name or by the contents of the font file?) how do we deal with this? Maybe a script like the one proposed in 0012985 but for imports?

2) in 0011255:0038207 an anomaly appeared in which Liberation Sans was being prompted in a Font Substitution menu upon importing timesnewroman.odt Why?
Steps To ReproduceSee screencast:
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related to 0011255 closedfschmid Imported *.odt list has invalid font name but rest of test is O.K. 
related to 0013766 new ODT Importer creates extraneous styles 


2015-10-25 01:36


2016-01-14 02:39


Untitleddocument.odt (4,938 bytes)

2016-01-16 14:32


timesnewroman.odt (10,553 bytes)


2016-01-21 19:07

administrator   ~0038327

2) because that document define styles which use that font


2016-02-28 00:03

reporter   ~0038924

Recognizing that some font mapping may be legitimately needed, the pain of scrolling through the font list could be reduced by breaking a font's family and style (regular, roman, book, etc.) into two separate dropdowns in the replacement dialog. This would parallel the appearance of the style manager window (Edit --> Styles...). One of my OpenType fonts (HelveticaNeue Linotype) has literally 51 variations that would reduce to just one entry in a separate "Family" drop-down.

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