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0001138ScribusStylespublic2010-03-03 12:26
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0001138: Style-sheet for images
DescriptionSimilar to Paragraph style, but for images. All of the current image properties (ink color, scaling, frame, background color, line color, printing/non-printing, shape, frame dimensions, rotation), and a new one: baseline-shift (if used as in-line graphic).
Additional InformationGreat for catalog items. Makes it a breeze to globally apply changes to all images in a document or project that are based on the same 'image style'.
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related to 0001099 closedfschmid Inline graphics 



2004-09-23 02:30

developer   ~0002478



2005-08-27 08:04

viewer   ~0006257

Bumping to 1.3 so it does not get missed.


2010-03-03 05:13

developer   ~0023445

Can we bump to 1.4 so we don’t miss this one?


2010-03-03 08:14

reporter   ~0023448

I'd appreciate if the focus would be to release a new stable 1.4 as soon as possible since bugreports for current stable are already rejected! New features should be implemented after 1.4 release!


2010-03-03 12:26

developer   ~0023449

Not only for images - styles for all frames with proprietary options depending on kind of frame including:
- size
- content rotation
- background and outline
- round corners
- text flows and contour line
- transparency

And for graphics:
- scaling image
- color profiles and PDF output (also for render frames)

And for text frames:
- most settings from Propoerties/Text
- language depended setings (hyphenation, short words, spelling)

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