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0011428ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-08-20 12:49
Reporterlarsen Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.4.2 
Summary0011428: "Ghostscript missing" dialog should be dismissible
DescriptionI don´t need Ghostscript, so I don´t want to install it. Therefore, it would be good to (optionally) get rid of that startup message telling me that GS is missing.
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duplicate of 0012623 closed I know I don't have Ghostscript installed 



2013-02-21 06:32

administrator   ~0029865

Maybe we should add an option "Do not remind me again", similar to the ODT/SXW import dialog.


2013-02-21 09:13

manager   ~0029867

a/ most people who see the dialog (which is their welcome into scribus!!!!) will never need ghostscript

b/ the print preview should correctly be renamed to imply that it's only useful at the prepress level and it's not the print preview 99% of the people are looking for (which is a button in the right lower corner of the window or is a pdf they will be generating).

c/ the dialog should only be shown when the user and scribus happen to really need gs... at that point no need for a [ ] don't bother me checkbox... since scribus will have to fail...


2013-02-21 10:13

reporter   ~0029869

Sounds perfect to me!


2013-02-21 15:58

administrator   ~0029870

Ghostscript is a dependency we want to keep. We need to work out how to distribute it too.


2013-02-21 16:07

reporter   ~0029871

Why distribute something that according to ale most people won´t need? This will bloat the setup, waste space afterwards, and in case security problems arise in GS will call for a Scribus update. Just my two cents.


2013-02-21 17:58

administrator   ~0029872

Ale is wrong.


2013-02-21 22:58

administrator   ~0029873

Without gs no EPS, PDF, PS import into image frames (many EPS files used in a professional environment are pure raster files!). The Barcode Writer also won't work, among others.


2013-02-21 23:28

administrator   ~0029874

The functionality that Christoph mentions is functionality we always want to be in Scribus, which is why we "require" the install, even if there is a level of functionality available without it.


2013-02-22 08:06

administrator   ~0029877

It would be OK, though, to add something like a "Don't remind me again" option. There are other warnings that remind users of a missing Ghostscript.


2013-02-22 08:27

administrator   ~0029879

Also note that recent versions of gs provide features like conversion to XPS, which would make adding XPS export/import much easier in the future. In short, gs may become even more relevant in terms of 21st century publishing.


2013-02-22 17:42

manager   ~0029881

craig, i don't think that ale is so wrong: most people won't ever import any eps nor ps files.

and i don't think that we need gs for every pdf, only for pdf containing ps/eps. for most people also an unusual event.

for this reason, it's not a good idea to greet the first time users with an invitation to install something that he or she probably won't ever need.

i think that ale is right when he affirms that the message should be made when ghostscript is requested, not when scribus starts.

... going back to my winter sleep... ciao.


2014-06-04 10:29

manager   ~0031987

Last edited: 2014-06-04 10:34

i guess (and hope) that the won't fix status is a manipulation error...


ok, no making it dismissable has been refused... that's fine, since now gs is only requested when it's really needed!

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