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0012623ScribusPDFpublic2015-01-29 16:07
ReporterPeremptor Assigned To 
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OSWindowsOS Version7/8 
Product Version1.4.4 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0012623: I know I don't have Ghostscript installed
DescriptionEverytime Scribus starts, it tells me I don't have Ghostscript installed. I know this, Scribus doesn't have to remind me everytime it starts.
If I really would want to share my Scribus files (apart from Scribus being free software and anybody can download it), I could print it via DoPDF or similar.
I'm using Scribus only on a private basis so I don't know why the heck I should install Ghostscript.
Steps To ReproduceStart Scribus when you don't have Ghostscript installed
Additional InformationScribus could have an option to turn off Ghostscript reminders or PDF functions could be exported to a plugin that I can turn off.

By the way, I searched via Google as I couldn't find anything in this issue tracker, but it seems there aren't many private users for Scribus.

And thanks for this great program, I have tried Adobe InDesign, but that one is really cruel.
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has duplicate 0011428 closedcbradney "Ghostscript missing" dialog should be dismissible 



2014-08-20 14:43

reporter   ~0033304

I've seen a "won't fix". Very nice. What's so wrong about a "Don't remind me again" box? How much code would you need for it?
I don't know any programming language besides VB, but it can't be so hard to get this stupid box inside the window.
I think the only geeks who want to use these special features, would know they have to install Ghostscript.
All Norwegians I ever met have been very polite, but the nerve-breaking dialog at every single start of Scribus is like a kick in the back. Come to think of it, maybe there's only young people programming Scribus and I only met a nice girl who probably has nothing to do with computers. Everyone else had been over 40.
Could all cellar kids come outside and fill their lungs with fresh air? It's easier thinking after it -.-


2014-08-21 09:40

manager   ~0033308

hi peremptor,

please read my last comment in the ticket firash has linked to.

the "won't fix" is about making the dialog dismissible (is this a word?).

in the current 1.5svn the "missing GS dialog" is only shown when scribus thinks that you indeed need GS (big thanks to Craig for having implemented it!)

if you agree with me, we can close your ticket as "duplicated".

ps.: if you want to have fun with the scribus code, i can provide you with the patch that has been applied to 1.5svn and you can try to modify it so that it can be applied to 1.4.x... it looks like that 1.4.x will be around for a couple of years...

pps.: and, yes, "won't fix" is a bad label... it's there by default, but we should really have and use something friendlier.


2014-08-21 11:48

reporter   ~0033310

Hi Ale (nice name),

I think my English isn't good enough to say if "dismissible" is really a word ;-)

If you think about me as a stupid Windows user getting a binary clock in VB working and the scribus code can as easily applied, I would like to have a try. Otherwise I'm afraid I will have to wait those couple of years.

So I hope Scribus is thinking right in the future and shut my mouth now, the ticket can be closed.




2014-08-21 12:40

manager   ~0033314

the commit is:[]=/@19178&compare[]=/@19179

if you can understand what this page shows, you have the skills for creating a new patch based on it...

(but you'll need some more help to get started... i'm preparing that help...)


2015-01-29 16:07

manager   ~0034392

not necessary any more, since in 1.5svn the message is only shown when scribus indeed needs GS.

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