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0001172ScribusGeneralpublic2006-04-26 21:30
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Summary0001172: Document Hierarchy
DescriptionIntroduction of an hierarchy within Scribus that can be used for page numbering, index generation, table of illustrations, etc.

Project > Document > Chapter > Section > Page > Frame > Paragraph

Project would be the root of the hierarchy. It can contain multiple individual .sla documents. I think it would be a good idea to define a project as a folder, so Scribus can keep track of the documents than are part of a project easier, and archive/tar the folder as one file for portability.
Additional InformationFor example:

Chapter 1.14
Syntax: Chapter <chapter>.<section>

Figure 12.2
Syntax: Figure <chapter>.<imagecount>
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2006-04-26 14:29

developer   ~0010486

Reminder sent to: christoph_s

chrisoph, what do you think, is this in any way related or perhaps even a duplicate of 0002107?


2006-04-26 18:18

administrator   ~0010502

I don't think the featuere is absolutely necessary, if working with document objects is better documented. This is probably more flexible than the TeX/word processor approach.

The issue is, however, related, in the sense that master documents will need to be able to handle existing sections and document items.


2006-04-26 21:30

reporter   ~0010516

Christoph, what do you mean by "if working with document objects is better documented"? Why would a heirarchy not be required for numbering?

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