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Summary0002107: Master documents
DescriptionSuport for master documents, which are composed of one or more "linked" external .sla files, could be extremely useful for collaboration. If such a document could pull in an external .sla for /part of/ a page, eg a 1/2 page ad, that'd be even better.
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related to 0001925 acknowledged Multiple users sharing one open document 
has duplicate 0003451 closed Support for publications containing multiple documents/chapters 
has duplicate 0010307 closedjghali Let Scribus provide links between documents 
related to 0001132 acknowledged Styles should be separate from documents 
related to 0002793 closedKunda Master Pages should be (optionally) separate from the Document 
related to 0001172 feedback Document Hierarchy 
related to 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 
related to 0003708 feedback group-level inheritance of defaults and style definitions 



2005-06-21 02:27

reporter   ~0005083

Reminder sent to: christoph_s

Figured you'd want to be on the notify list for this one.


2005-06-23 07:02

reporter   ~0005097

If we do end up supporting something like this, let's not do it the MS word way. Quoted from Bruce Byfield ( ) who in turn quotes John McGhie:

"A master document has only two possible states: Corrupt, or just about to be corrupt."


2006-04-21 18:02

developer   ~0010253

copied from the duplicate bug 3451:

"2107 is about publications idea, ok. but definable page numbering in publications means that if two documents separately are started with 1, in publication first starts with 1 (and it has for example 11 pages), and the second starts with 13 (if defined that every document has to start with right page) or 12 (if layout is defined as continous)"


2009-07-15 11:35

reporter   ~0022189

Vote for this one.
I used to work a long time with "Help & Manuel" which had this feature.
The master document contained 6 linked chapters. And every chapter was edited by one user.

This is the only way if you want to work with many people on one document! -> split in many docs and link them all in a master doc. Everyone has his own file an is happy.


2010-11-15 16:45

reporter   ~0024837

One more reason for chapters in separate files - lack of performance that seems to stay with us for long.
Using such manner allowed me to work with books of hundreds pages even in Ventura for DOS on 486 processors with 32 mb of RAM. And it worked much faster than Scribus on AMDx2 64 bit 5400.


2013-03-12 08:01

developer   ~0029985

See also 0010651 : "Link text frame to SLA file"

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