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0012032ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-07-07 01:36
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Platformamd64OSFedoraOS Version20
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0012032: Glyph/Character Menu/Window naming inconsistency
DescriptionInsert -> _Glyph_ opens a window called _Character Palette_ which doesn't have the word 'glyph mentioned anywhere in it or in the subsequent windows - it's rather disorienting. There's seldom any instances where there's such a large wording discrepancy of the menu name of a window.

It would make more sense to keep the Character Palette terminology since that is closer to what's commonly accepted in other software, but adding that to the menu would cause confusion due to the presence of the Character menu item right below - that one is further confusing in itself since it encompasses everything from punctuation to symbols to _page numbers_ and while best left to its own ticket, for the purposes of this one can be renamed tempoarily to something like Special Characters(?).
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related to 0011952 confirmed Character Palette UI enhancements 
related to 0011988 closedcbradney Preselected glyphs hint bubble should also display the unicode name of the glyph and the name of the font 



2015-07-07 01:36

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Merged this issue and closing in favor of 0011952

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