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0011952ScribusUser Interfacepublic2015-07-17 06:07
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Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0011952: Character Palette UI enhancements
Description1) DONE The icons in the Character Palette do not, but should, have explanatory tooltips

2) There should be something indicating that the empty boxes are for 'favorite characters', perhaps a heading

3) The empty boxes should be accompanied by something indicating that they can be filled via drag-and-drop, perhaps a tooltip

4) Insert -> _Glyph_ opens a window called _Character Palette_ which doesn't have the word 'glyph mentioned anywhere in it or in the subsequent windows - it's rather disorienting. There's seldom any instances where there's such a large wording discrepancy of the menu name of a window.

It would make more sense to keep the Character Palette terminology since that is closer to what's commonly accepted in other software, but adding that to the menu would cause confusion due to the presence of the Character menu item right below - that one is further confusing in itself since it encompasses everything from punctuation to symbols to _page numbers_ and while best left to its own ticket, for the purposes of this one can be renamed tempoarily to something like Special Characters(?).

5) Keep the 'Unicode Search' window from closing each time one chooses a character to add to it. That way one can make multiple selections.

6) Offset the 'Unicode Search' window to open under the 'Character Palette' and not behind it.
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has duplicate 0010115 closed Improve the usability of character palette 
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2014-02-01 08:40

reporter   ~0031239

A suggestion for my third point - oops, should have numbered them - could be that double clicking the glyph in the Enchanced Character Palette window inserts it into one of those boxes.

I would have never guessed that drag 'n drop is how you do this, and even got stuck on it after learning it the first time around - drag n' drop is rarely used anywhere in any other productivity software and is very unintuitive.

This is also the subject of 0010115.


2015-07-07 01:32

updater   ~0035675

Here is a back-of-a-napkin mockup:

Text reads:
Please add glyphs to the glyph palette below by choosing them from the: enhanced character palette, unicode search, or by import.


2015-07-07 01:32


glyph_palette_mockup.png (19,381 bytes)   
glyph_palette_mockup.png (19,381 bytes)   


2015-07-08 13:59

updater   ~0035688

Perhaps we can change the name from Character Palette to Glyph/Character Palette ?


2015-07-16 23:23

updater   ~0035809

Here is a screenshot of how the Char Palette looks like now:


2015-07-17 06:07

manager   ~0035815

imo, if something gets changed in the char palette, we should go towards a single dialog with both the "scrapbook" and the choice of the glyphs.

and it should be possible to directly add the glyphs to the text...

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