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0012267ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2014-04-23 14:52
ReporterPancho Assigned Tojghali  
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Summary0012267: Allow RTL to apply to paragraphs and single words
DescriptionRegarding language of parts, it should be possible to mark specific paragraphs, even single words as RTL.
This is necessary for any mixed-language text for example including names, citations or even numbers.
Additional InformationScreenshot:
- first line is marked all RTL, where the English text is unreadable.
- second line is marked all LTR where the Arabic text is unreadable.
- third line is what we want to have, however currently not possible without fiddling with some extra overlay frame

Basically, the whole LTR feature is hardly usable without being able to mix LTR and RTL within a paragraph.
Then, bugs 0006015 and 0012263 should be revisited.
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duplicate of 0001079 closedFahad Arabic is not supported in Scribus yet. 



2014-04-23 14:33


RTL.png (48,874 bytes)   
RTL.png (48,874 bytes)   


2014-04-23 14:52

administrator   ~0031769

Basically this is a duplicate of 0001079. Arabic support requires also bidirectionnality. Currently there is neither RTL support in scribus nor non-latin language support. The 'R' effect is equivalent to flipping text frame, that's all.

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