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Summary0012492: the hyphenation tool is too hard to discover
Descriptioni regularly get to see outstanding works done with scribus without any hyphenation of justificated text.

probably, since most programs that do hyphenation do it automatically for justificated text, graphics designer tend to think that this feature must be unavailable in scribus.

one of the best solutions would be to have an automatic hyphenation that can be enabled and disabled at the same place where justification can be set (PP and styles; the default being on for justificated text)

a short term workaround could be a warning in the preflight verifier if somebody forgot to run the hyphenation for justificated text.
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related to 0003312 feedback Add an option to apply hyphenation from the properties palette 
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2014-07-08 12:29

updater   ~0032581

Last edited: 2014-07-08 12:58

I can attest to this since i have not used hyphenation in any of the documents I've created in scribus...yet. +1 from me on this


2014-07-24 09:55

manager   ~0032958

if a proof was needed... here one more outstanding work without any hyphenation:

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