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0003312ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-05-02 21:55
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Summary0003312: Add an option to apply hyphenation from the properties palette
DescriptionCurrently, three closely related features are separated between the properties palette and the menus: text alignment, language, and hyphenation. It would be nice to execute the hyphenation function from the properties palette to prevent users from moving the mouse to the menu bar for hyphenating text.

Conversely, the language setting for a text frame should also be available from the "Style" menu.


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child of 0003828 acknowledged Metabug: Hyphenation 



2006-05-02 18:36

reporter   ~0010798

I think this would make sense. It seems that hyphenation is considered somewhat of a separate thing now, as it's in the "Extras" menu, but if it were considered a text property like language, then it should be included in properties.

The "Style" menu is interesting: it seems to contain only the basic text attributes at the moment, but I guess it should contain everything on the text tab of properties to be consistent. That would mean moving hyphenation from the "Extras" menu to there and including the language and style settings as well.

I don't use the menu much though, and I don't know what will become of it when lots of other kinds of styles besides text become available. I'm more interested in everything being available in properties.


2006-05-02 18:50

reporter   ~0010800

I agree with it, and even more I'd say it would fit as a paragraph property.


2006-05-02 22:13

administrator   ~0010814

Style menu is going away. Ignore its existence.


2006-05-02 22:19

administrator   ~0010818

There is already another RFE for hyphenation in paragraph styles.


2006-05-04 07:58


good idea (specially as a paragraph property)


2009-07-08 08:55

reporter   ~0022138


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