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0003449ScribusUser Interfacepublic2007-03-02 23:05
Reportermhanski Assigned ToTsoots  
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Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0003449: Put styles into separate palettes
DescriptionPut paragraph styles into a separate palette, see the Styles Palette of OOWriter for reference. Accessing this new palette and creating/modifing styles should be accessible from the context menu as well.
Additional InformationThis is a part of a longer report I've received per mail from a Polish DTP professional (a pl.comp.dtp reader), he considers this feature a major leap towards better usability -- it would spare much time.
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related to 0001579 closedTsoots styles manager - mockup included 
related to 0003448 assignedjghali Improvements to properties palette 
related to 0003436 acknowledged Add "edit style" buttons to the properties palette 
related to 0002685 closed Style drop down box acessible from the main tool bar 
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2006-03-16 10:34

developer   ~0009332

Reminder sent to: user715

another one from your list, adding you to it


2006-03-16 13:14

administrator   ~0009339

Dupe of 1579?


2006-03-16 13:46

developer   ~0009342

very strong relationship, to say the least -- apart from the context menu part. thanks for the hint, christoph


2006-03-17 00:45

administrator   ~0009348

Adding this to the context menu sounds not bad ... at first sight. However, if you think about further styles to come (character styles, frame styles (?)) the already huge context menu will become even bigger. How to tell Scribus which style is to be edited?

Taking this into consideration, the only reasonable way (right now) of implementing seems to be to add an entry that opens the styles manager - as soon as it's ready.


2006-03-17 07:53


how to tell which style is to be edited? hum... the right-clicked one? ;) indesign and - specially - quarkxpress know that well ;)


2006-03-17 08:58

administrator   ~0009355

I'm sorry, but you didn't understand. If there are paragraph styles, character styles and frame styles and who knows what, that can be applied to a text frame, one can't show them all in the context menu, because it would be too much. And last I looked, Quark hadn't anything similar, its context menu is almost useless, compared to Scribus.


2006-03-17 10:22


we both are talking about different things ;) i thought about context menu for separate pallete (for paragraph and character styles for example - like in qxp) - you right click on style name in pallette, and you may use one of function enabled: "add new style", "add new style based on selected", "modify", "delete" and so on... my general idea (as i wrote it to maciej) is make scribus interface similiar to qxp's one (like it was in the beginning) - it is really good for me. but: de gustibus non disputandum est. it is just my opinion. maybe because i was working with qxp lot of years


2006-03-17 11:04

administrator   ~0009357

OK. I have to apologise. I really thougt you meant the object related context menu. If you look at the mockup in 1579, there are already buttons for this included. If one could also use a context menu, it would be even better.

2006-03-27 21:11


indesign2_full_workspace.png (732,162 bytes)   
indesign2_full_workspace.png (732,162 bytes)   

2006-03-27 21:17


quark5b_full_workspace.png (281,787 bytes)   
quark5b_full_workspace.png (281,787 bytes)   


2006-03-27 21:31

developer   ~0009516

jm_sz has provided two screen shots of what the style palettes (and other palettes needed) look like in Indesign and QuarkXpress -- see the attached files. Please also note his comments and the "rearranged" Scribus toolbar included in the pictures.


2006-03-27 21:38

administrator   ~0009517

Please note that Quark 7's palettes are very very similar to Scribus' :)

2006-03-28 08:51


pallette_with_context_menu.png (7,607 bytes)   
pallette_with_context_menu.png (7,607 bytes)   


2006-03-28 08:52


yes, they also changed the logo ("frog eye" ;) but i prefere interface from previous versions of quark (see: attached file with my descriptions; and for pallete with context menu see 'pallette_with_context_menu.png'). afaik users opinions about new quark's interface (and new quark) are not good rather. maybe scribus' interface should be something between quark's and indesign's ones? there are good ideas in both


2006-03-28 09:35

administrator   ~0009531

I don't know many people that actually have a good opinion of Quark to be honest, in many respects. Many havent liked anything above version 3. We are not attempting to recreate Quark.


2006-03-28 10:07


version 4 was also quite good. but let's back to the subject. i really understand that scribus has not to be a quark (or any other app) clone. here i talk about separate pallettes and - generally - interface. quark's interface is just example. to say the truth, indesign's one is in many parts much better. for me (and i think that for many people using dtp apps like quarkxpress, indesign or pagemaker) current scribus' pallettes are hard to use - just too much integrated, and lot of clicking is neccessary, some options are hidden too deep. i just gave some ideas: separate pallettes (qxp, ind), pallettes grouping (ind), context menus for pallettes (for adding, modifing, duplicating, deleting styles, colours, pages or anything else), property bar - that's my favourite (qxp). i think, that implementing these ideas, could make scribus better, and more user-friendly


2006-03-28 17:05

administrator   ~0009540

Personally, I like the centralised way of Scribus. Instead of many separate palettes, there is mainly one: the properties palette. Of course it would be fine if the arrange pages, layers, and align and distribute dialogs could be integrated there too.

In case someone needs one ore more tabs of the pp at the same time, tear-off palettes could be a solution. That way, everybody could work his preferred way.

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