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0002685ScribusUser Interfacepublic2007-11-30 10:19
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0002685: Style drop down box acessible from the main tool bar
DescriptionUsers that prefer to edit the text direclty on the text frame should be able to quickly modify the style of each paragraph.
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related to 0003449 closedTsoots Put styles into separate palettes 
related to 0001118 closedTsoots Give instant access to Style editor from within the Properties palette>Text 



2005-10-07 00:30

reporter   ~0006944

Correction: tested with 1.3.1


2005-10-07 00:33

administrator   ~0006947

This is still too time consuming. More appropriate would be something like OO.o's "Stylist" or the "Style Sheets" window in QuarkXPress (less flexible, but more concise). Either of them should be able to float on the screen as well as being "docked" (but that's already somewhere on the roadmap, IIRC).

Another way to go would be a "Styles" tab in the "Properties" palette.


2006-04-28 17:53

developer   ~0010598

I would also avoid this approach. Pull down menus are time consuming (although necessary for many settings). I would not use this for stylesheet at all. What is really needed is full access to them through user definable keys. See the related bug 0001118 for more.

As for the palettes, Christoph is expressing also my view on this.


2007-11-30 10:19

administrator   ~0018060

1.3.4+ has now a style manager which allow style to be applied quicker than a drop down box can

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