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0001579ScribusStylespublic2007-03-30 06:57
Reporteralexandre Assigned ToTsoots  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0001579: styles manager - mockup included
DescriptionCurrently all styles are edited from different menu items. As people use to create templates once and wors with them later, it would be nice to create a unified styles manager with preview for all types of styles: Text styles (characters, unordered lists, ordered lists, paragraphs), Shape styles, Frame styles (if not further unified with Shapes), Image styles and Page styles.

A mockup is attached.

This will also require a "Styles" palette similar to the one in

A mockup for it is attached as well.
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related to 0001710 feedback A way to manage stylesheets when inserting a page from another document 
related to 0003449 closedTsoots Put styles into separate palettes 
related to 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 


2005-01-22 10:51


style_manager_mockup01.png (27,204 bytes)   
style_manager_mockup01.png (27,204 bytes)   

2005-01-22 10:51


styles_palette_mockup_01.png (5,822 bytes)   
styles_palette_mockup_01.png (5,822 bytes)   


2005-01-22 12:37

developer   ~0003517

Looks great!
On the style palette, there is room to fit the keyboard shortcut attached to each style.


2005-01-22 14:59

developer   ~0003518

Good idea. This is not a final version of design however. E.g. you definitely can't find "Line styles" button there :)

I will turn your suggest into a chunk of the next design :)

An I will have to work out icons policy (size, color palette etc.) :(


2005-01-22 19:41

administrator   ~0003519

Font size 2 less than main gui by default. Preferences will have an option for dialog font size.
16x16 for icons, icons should be pngs so full colour palette.


2005-01-22 19:44

administrator   ~0003520

Oh, forgot to say, which should have been the first, very bloody nice manager window indeed!


2005-01-22 19:58

developer   ~0003521

16x16 is a standard, but very limited resolution. I was nearly tearing my hairs out forever trying to do icons in 20x20 instead of 24x24 (currently many of icons for same areas have different sizes up to 48x48).

I have set small fonts size for all of Qt based UI, so I didn't notice that dialogs are not affected by current GUI font size options.

As for palette, I mean standartized set of colours to use in icons -- something similar to GNOME HIG palette. We have to remember about visually impaired people.

Yes, XFCE 4.2 is cool and even bloody nice :)


2005-01-22 20:10

administrator   ~0003522

Not the Gnome palette.. its so dull and lifeless.


2006-01-27 14:09

developer   ~0008396

This mock-up is finer than the actual 1.3 CVS. :)

Few comments :
1. Indents [left/first line/right(to come!)] (I don't think these belong to tabulation although I acknowlegde they can interact with the tab settings — but this is more and advanced use of tabs. And the right/left and first line indent are more basic settings.)
2. Drop caps (unless it's considered as a char. style — if so, we should have a link to this dialog)
3. Keep the check box for the "Adjust to baseline grid" option. It is much clearer than the actual CVS hidden option that pops-up when depressing the "linespace" icon.

Is it in the plans to add Hyphenation Settings to this dialog? I'd say it's going to be necessary, sooner or later.


2006-01-27 14:26

developer   ~0008397

So, this mockup is quite old. Some new font properties were added since posting it, some better ideas are floating in the air.

Is anyone planning to implement Styles Manager anytime soon, so that I could update the mockup, or do we say goodbye to it?


2006-01-27 14:35

manager   ~0008398

That's why I assigned it to me. Am working on it as we speak.


2006-01-27 14:39

developer   ~0008399

Cool, I'll appear on #scribus this weekend then


2006-03-16 13:47

developer   ~0009343

Reminder sent to: user715

I don't want you to miss this one :)


2007-03-29 22:26

administrator   ~0015675

Resolving this, we have SM now. Changes or enhancements should be put in after 1.3.5 in separate bugs please.

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