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Summary0012515: Suggestion to improve indication that Scribus is in Master Pages edit mode
DescriptionWhen I first started using Scribus, I had no idea what master pages were or how to use them. I didn't really know how to distinguish between normal edit mode and master page mode, save for a few indications:
1) Arrange page window would make it self prominent
2) 'End Edit' button shows up bottom left
3) I would exit the edit mode without making a change and scribus would exit back to the page it was on and I would see nothing, obviously.

My idea would be to make a more noticeable state change when editing in 'Master Page'. Something that would look unintrusive any yet give a more visual confirmation that we are indeed in a Master Page right now.
* Colored vertical bar emphasizing Master Page mode (see attached)
* A semi-transparent diagonal repeating watermark across the background of the canvas saying 'Master Page Mode'
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related to 0012108 closedfschmid Wrong caption for Edit Master Pages dialog 
related to 0013323 new button labels to exit masterpage edit mode 
related to 0012478 closed Notifying that Scribus is in Master Page mode if attempting to close Scribus 
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child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2014-07-13 14:16



2016-05-05 17:44

developer   ~0040801

Last edited: 2016-05-05 17:49

I understand your experience and share your feelings.

Colour is somewhat touchy to use with new monochrome black iconset

Changing the workspace could be done with changing the texture of the background
Instead of a uniform gray it could be some more textured background.

For example, free workspace could become some sort of millimeter paper (if you digital native know that awkward thing).


2016-05-05 17:47


Papier_milli_gris_a4_italien.svg (139,527 bytes)   
Papier_milli_gris_a4_italien.svg (139,527 bytes)   


2016-05-05 17:48


papier millimétre.jpg (61,975 bytes)   
papier millimétre.jpg (61,975 bytes)   


2016-05-05 17:50

developer   ~0040802

Millimeter paper is used during the design of a work. Its connected to designing, layouting the structure, the measures, It fits the masterpages.

I uploaded some millimeter paper.


2016-05-06 01:27

updater   ~0040809



2016-05-06 07:12


MasterPageMode.jpg (39,948 bytes)   
MasterPageMode.jpg (39,948 bytes)   


2016-05-06 07:12

developer   ~0040813

Maybe... (MasterPageMode.jpg)


2016-05-06 09:37

manager   ~0040821

peter's proposal looks nice (except for the bold :-)

something like this could generally be used for messages to be sent to the user.

and they could be stacked. some of them close automatically. other must be manually closed / discarded / never show such messages again. or similar.


2016-05-23 12:15

updater   ~0041340

I think Peter's proposal also looks good. +1


2016-11-18 13:30

manager   ~0042456

now that i look back at it... the only thing i'm a bit worried about is the lost of (precious) vertical pixels...

and we might replace the [end edit] button by a simpler [x].
it's not 100% obvious, but i guess that people will get that it does not just wipe away the message (a tooltip could make them happier...)


2016-11-18 21:39


I checked how Adobe do it in Indesign. You have only 2 options to enter or leave the edit mode.

1. double click on master page icon in pages panel to enter // double click on normal pages to leave

2. in down left corner you can switch between pages via combo box, bottom entries are all master page templates.

Personally I would prefer to keep it in Scribus as it is or move the exit button to top left corner, because this area represent most important features. In RTL mode it should be in upper right corner.

BTW: Illustrator is using a breadcrumb to navigate in object groups and to leave the "edit mode". See Illustrator_group_breadcrumb.png

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