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0012478ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-10-26 20:08
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PlatformMacOSOSXOS Version10.8.5
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0012478: Notifying that Scribus is in Master Page mode if attempting to close Scribus
DescriptionClosing Scribus during the edit of Master Page will (without any indication) return to normal editing mode.
It is a good thing that Scribus won't just close but will instead catch the signal and exit Master Pages. But perhaps the extra step of letting the user know that is the case would be informative. In a scenario of multiple .sla's open with an edge case of a few of them with open master pages, it could be very informative to the user if they attempt to just close Scribus, that there are still master page/ open.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open a new page
2. Edit > Master Pages
3. open a text box
4. Quit Scribus
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2014-10-20 17:48

administrator   ~0034070

Why? This seems to be unnecessary. If it master page mode, exit it and close the doc. Its irrelevant what mode Scribus is in, you should be able to close the doc.


2014-10-20 20:33

updater   ~0034073

I gave some examples in the description. I'll elaborate further: Lets consider that a Master Page is pretty important. It is a template page for 1 or more (potentially many) pages in an .SLA Editing can change how many documents look like. So it should be treated differently. And in fact, Scribus does treat it differently by only showing the Master Page on top when we're in master page mode.

In my mind if a person is multitasking with several different tabs open with separate .SLA's., they leave a master page open and switch to another .SLA and forget to close the Master Page, it would remind them and perhaps prompt them to make any final changes to master page before closing Scribus. Does that make sense ?


2014-10-20 20:38

administrator   ~0034074

>> it would remind them and perhaps prompt them to make any final changes to master page before closing Scribus

When closing the document, Scribus already prompt user to save changes if document has been modified. So I do not see any need for adding an additional warning.


2014-10-21 02:32

updater   ~0034079

Alrighty then. Closing issue.

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