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0012554ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-29 23:43
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Summary0012554: Improvements to the Context Menu for frames
DescriptionThe slimmed-down CM is partially unintuitive and also includes a duplicate:

1) Text frames: "Copy" is only available in the "Edit" menu, but copying isn't an editing feature. It should be moved to "Contents".

2) Image frames: "Copy" is available both in the "Contents" and in the "Edit" sub-menu.

3) "Clear" in the sub-menu for image frames is also an editing feature, so it should be moved to "Edit".

4) Do we need the plural "Contents" for a frame? IMHO, "Content" is sufficient and semantically correct.

5) After playing a lot with the minimised CM and switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse, I'm missing a "Delete" option in the CM (as opposed to a sub-menu).
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2014-07-29 17:48

developer   ~0033077

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Allthough useable, i somehow feel the cm can be improved. Its possible to get where wanted at first or second guess, but it requires a bit more thinking then it idealy should (= none).

Maybe the textes are a bit too generic-general and there should be some more DTP contextual concepts to structure it ?


2014-10-07 19:11

administrator   ~0033918

For 1,2,3 you are confusing the difference between working on the contents of the frame and the frame itself.

For Copy: we have one function for text frames that deals with contents and the frame. For image frames, we have 2 functions

For Clear, is a contents feature.

4) Done

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