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Summary0012788: Some fonts do not appear as searchable text in PDF
DescriptionPDF produced by Scribus are beautiful for printing.
But some fonts (in particular the popular Calibri) do not appear as searchable in PDF output.
Searchable PDF is a MUST for documents that are to be saved in electronic form, either online or locally.
This does not seem to be related to fonts being embedded or not, or indicated as embedded or vetorised in the export interface.
Information found in the bugs reports about searchable PDF are irrelevant.
The test file included (Scribus and PDF file in the ZIP document) shows the problem.
- The PDF file has been produced with "embed all fonts".
- The searachable text in PDF has been highlighted afeterwards.
- Text whish is not highlighted is not searchable (font is probably vectorised)
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2014-10-24 11:55

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2014-10-24 17:23

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Vectorized text cant be searched (never)

In your document's preferences, go to the font tab. You'll see that calibri has "subset" checked. When doing so, font is vectorized.
Ensure all fonts used for searchable text dont have this "subset" checked.

When producing the PDF, clicking "embed all" will only embed fonts whose "subset" checkbox is not checked.
In your file, export to PDF dialog clearly shows that many fonts are not embeded. That's why much of the PDF text is not searchable.

Scribus UI is not helping a lot as for these subjects, but it works fine.
"Subset" is not self-explaining. Labels and hints could be improved.

The relationship between the Preferences "Fonts" tab and the Export to PDF dialog should be made obvious in some way.


2014-10-24 20:37

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2014-10-24 20:43

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Thanks for your note.
Sorry the Scribus file sent was incomplete (I relaized afterwards it had nnot been saved when exported).

I followed your advice :
- uncheck the subset box for these fonts (I had not touched that before)
- embed all fonts
The result is
- some fonts, namely Calibri, Antique Olive, Cambria and ITC Bookman are still not exported as text
- some other fonts, although Scribus mark them as vectorized even when asking to embed all fonts, are nevertheless exported as text.

I have added a new file with this test (


2015-05-15 13:16

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This is kind of important. Is there a need to notify the user this is the case ?

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