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0001305ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-06-15 10:44
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Summary0001305: Dynamic line spacing
DescriptionAn auto-line spacing would be cool - so that when I change the font size of some text, the line spacing automaticalle adjusts (so that I don't get a 14 px line spacing for the 12 px text I've just changed to 60px).
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2004-11-09 00:55

administrator   ~0002840

Yes, thats what the 20% (as per default) setting in preferences is for. Select text, change from 10pt to 12 pt and the line spacing goes to 14.4pt.


2004-11-09 01:13

viewer   ~0002842

This is done already if you use styles in the story editor..


2005-06-15 10:44

reporter   ~0005036

This might deserve re-opening now that we have inline frames... there's a whole new dimension to "line spacing" to consider.

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