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Summary0001322: unify Styles and Templates, make them hierarchical (add inheritance)
DescriptionI suggest to make page templates, line styles, paragraph styles (etc.) into one concept.
I strongly recommend to make all these hierarchical (i.e. using inheritance).
- first page of booklet is often a special version of a right page, and a last page is often a special version of a left page
- a "list" paragraph style is often a specialization of the running text body (using same font face, same line spacing or what)
Scribus (as of version up to 1.2) provides cloning when defining new styles, templates, ... but cloning is not updated when later on the cloned object changes. Inheritance would be a powerful improvement.
Additional InformationI do not see a reason to not calling everything a "style"
- character style
- paragraph style
- line style
- image style
- page style (is called "template" now)
- document style
- ...
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2005-07-22 22:57

administrator   ~0005662

One could also think about something like "related" styles which is a closer connection between styles. I'd like to be able to set a font size for a default paragraph style. A headline that is related to it could be x % and captions could be y % and in italics of the "paragraph style" font size. If I change the font size of "paragraph style", the size of related styles would also change according to the relation in %.

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