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0000363ScribusStylespublic2013-11-01 13:21
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Summary0000363: differential paragraph styles
Descriptionit would be really really really cool if paragraph styles' definition could be separated into

- normal (by default)

- first n lines

- last m lines

per default, m=n=0

a combo box on the dialog could let the user switch between the sub-styles...
Additional Information-> it's a long term feature request...
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2004-09-05 19:51

reporter   ~0002309

First paragraph, first n chars, and first n words would also be extremely handy.

This would go nicely with style inheritance.


2005-11-01 15:47

administrator   ~0007297

What about programmable paragraph styles, ie. small Python programs which format the paragraph according to your need? When the Python interface is decent enough, you could just request the first n lines yourself and apply any charstyle to it.


2005-11-02 03:51

reporter   ~0007307

That'd work, and if PageItems gain the ability to signal that they've been altered you could have a Python snippet trigger on that signal to apply the formatting.

Honestly, though, I suspect it's better done in the core app. Most people won't want to have to (or know how to) program their paragraph styles.

The other problem is that if you want documents to carry the code around (ensuring the doc is portable) that'd be a horrific security risk. Python is poorly suited to that sort of in-program scripting and automation, as it provides no way to restrict programs' access to the full system APIs. You can read and write files, dlopen(...) libraries, write to the process's memory, execute other programs, and so on. While this is all very useful and powerful when using Python for many embedding tasks, especially with external data or control sources, networking, and so on, it does make it unsuitable for anything that might have to be embedded in a document. It's language is also not really forward compatible enough - it's way too easy for a Python 2.4 user to write code a Python 2.3 user can't run.

Lua and JavaScript are both much better choices for that sort of thing. Since Qt provides a JavaScript interface library (Qt Script for Applications, ie QSA) already, that would seem the natural way to go if a locked-down script language for simple automation and other tasks, one that's perhaps safe-ish to bundle in documents.

Honestly, though, I just don't like the idea of ever having scripts bundled in documents as would be required for this idea. Sure, you can ask the user if they want to run them, but most people won't really understand what that means, and I don't think it's really a good idea to rely on that for things that might be central to the document's function. I know I sure wouldn't want to be responsible for ensuring nothing was available to scripts that could be directly or indirectly exploited to make a macro virus.

Overall, I really think this is best done in the core app if possible.


2006-11-18 02:32

reporter   ~0013444

How about different styles for each tab field defined in a paragraph style? To automatically format tab-defined columns (right hand column right aligned and italic or something). Based on a mailing list question.

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