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0000204ScribusStylespublic2016-04-11 19:13
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Summary0000204: Drop Cap only for the first paragraph
DescriptionUsually when I layout an article I only want Drop Cap in the first paragraph and have all other paragraphs without. At the moment It is quite simple to do this by first selecting a paragraph style without a drop cap then going to story editor and change the paragraph style to one that has a drop cap. Even it is this simple there are many possible things that may go wrong here. Most imortant is that one needs to use two paragraph styles and there may be some differences in them even there shouldn't.

It would be nice if I could choose in Paragraph Style to have the drop cap only in the first paragraph and all other paragraphs in that text frame would follow all the other instructions from the style. This way I could drop out the story editor phase and avoid mistakes that I may have when playing around with two different paragraph styles.


related to 0000363 acknowledged differential paragraph styles 
related to 0010338 closedfschmid [new feature] patch for applying char styles to Drop Cap and on-demand control in PP 



2004-09-05 19:55

reporter   ~0002310

Last edited: 2016-04-11 19:13

Perhaps related to 0000363 ?


2005-07-12 04:20

reporter   ~0005543

The ability to inherit styles and set "next styles" when applying things would take care of this.


2010-10-25 11:51

developer   ~0024725

Last edited: 2010-10-25 11:52

Yes, but only if you typing. For imported text files you must apply it manually in Story Editor.
Instead (or beside) I propose to add something like "paragraph effect" for drop caps with its icon near aligning icons in Properties Palette/Text. By icon we will only switch on/off Drop Cap for selected paragraphs, but settings for it should be in paragraph style as is now. Fast end efficient.

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