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0001546ScribusStylespublic2008-02-06 19:08
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Summary0001546: style import/link ideas
DescriptionI understand that style inheritance is planned in the 1.3 development cycle, which is very useful; I use style inheritance in other applications with styles a lot.

However, two related features might make it more useful: importing and linking styles.

1. It would be nice if I could choose to import new definitions of *existing* styles from another document; I could update a template document by tweaking styles, and then apply the changes to existing documents with a single style update in each document. Then the already-existing instances of (say) paragraphs with the styleA style will now be rendered using the updated version of styleA from the template.

2. Separately, it would be nice to be able to set up styles by reference to another document -- given style inheritance, I could have styleA inherit from templatefile:styleA if I really wanted my styles to be that dynamic. (This kind of reference is absolutely invaluable in the spreadsheet world.)

(I know, this isn't a single feature request, but I'm not sure how to break it up reasonably.)
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related to 0000363 acknowledged differential paragraph styles 



2005-04-07 20:29

viewer   ~0004128

moving to 1.3+ 1.2.x is stable now.. not many features going in 1.2.x


2005-04-08 07:32

viewer   ~0004159

bumping these to 1.3

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