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0013297ScribusCanvaspublic2016-09-23 17:20
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Summary0013297: [Feature] Color Code Master Pages like in Layers dialog (mockup included)
DescriptionCloned from 0013200
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related to 0013200 closedcbradney New theme --> master page name does not appear 
related to 0009948 assignedjghali Arrange pages dialog: no visual link between page and master page (1.4.03rc) 
related to 0010038 new allow horizontal flatpans on Canvas / Arrange Pages 
related to 0004170 acknowledged Custom guides colors 
related to 0013927 new Make better use of available horizontal space for document pages in "Arrange Pages" (display master page names on the sides) 
related to 0011667 new Page manager : provide visual feedback when draging masterpage on page thumbnail 
child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 


2015-08-14 14:04


ColorMasterPages.png (57,684 bytes)   
ColorMasterPages.png (57,684 bytes)   


2015-08-14 14:53

developer   ~0036022

Picture available.


2015-08-14 14:53

developer   ~0036023

Master page name (subtitle) small, if too long, you can not read, so it would be better marked colors! Such as layers.


2015-08-14 14:53

updater   ~0036024

ooooh.. I likey.
Color coding makes it SUPER easy to identify quickly. But this is something that looks like some work to implement :(


2015-08-16 07:47

administrator   ~0036045

Just committed a first try on implementing this feature.


2015-08-16 13:25

administrator   ~0036046

On Windows, this results in a pretty unreadable mess. See uploaded screenshot.

A few remarks :
- colors now feels at odd with the monochrome icon set
- with specific user theme it may happen that colored text may be unreadable on specific window background. So I'd avoid using any non default color for text in palettes. We already had that problem in the past for story editor.

A solution might be having master pages represented by letters. In the case of a facing pages document starting by a right page we'd have at the top of the palette something like:
A - Normal Left
B - Normal Right

In the bottom page list, the text inside page icon would be replaced by something like
1 - B (or B - 1?)
2 - A
3 - B
4 - A


2015-08-16 14:00

developer   ~0036047

Last edited: 2015-08-16 14:03

Yes, I use now this.
I made 300 page book. Colors will help me better see through document structure.


2015-08-17 07:45

manager   ~0036052

i agree with jean, color names feel wrong to me, too.


2015-08-17 10:41


ColorMasterPages_2.png (44,150 bytes)   
ColorMasterPages_2.png (44,150 bytes)   


2015-08-17 10:42

developer   ~0036053

Last edited: 2015-08-17 11:50

So it is not possible?


2015-08-17 15:38

manager   ~0036055

peter, as far as i understand it, it's already in trunk... but it's imo a bad idea to put colors everywhere.

there is a problem, and the problem is that it's hard to know which template is applied to which page.

adding colors is a straight forward workaround but in my eyes not the first part of the solution.

and if you're curious: the in my eyes, the first part of the solution, is to have double sided master pages (when the document / section) is double sided.
the master pages should then be shown on screen as double pages are shown.
there are good changes that you will then have half as much MPs and their name will be half as long...
IMO a step in the right direction and would probably help you better guess which MP is where.
further steps might be necessary.
(and, at the end, if the problem persists... why not adding colors?)


2015-08-17 15:39

manager   ~0036056

p.s.: the solution with the color boxes on the right is already ways better than the one with the colored names...
but i still think that we should first solve the problem with the number of MPs and the length of their names. first.


2015-08-17 20:59

administrator   ~0036059

Colours are wrong, there's only a limit and the main distinct colours are garish magenta, cyan, yellow etc.. too ugly. A,B,C, etc should be easier with that tag in the Master Page dialog.


2015-08-18 08:32

developer   ~0036065

Last edited: 2015-08-19 09:46

Similar function (InDesign)

I created a new pattern.
Cbradney, you dislike it?


2015-08-19 08:03


example.png (22,219 bytes)   
example.png (22,219 bytes)   


2015-09-26 20:44

updater   ~0036395

This feature was removed from trunk in r20390.


2015-10-02 23:09

updater   ~0036481

Craig, jghali, GregP, see 0013297:0036065 and also the last attachment. Any comments?


2015-10-06 15:43

updater   ~0036527

Last drawing proposal makes the best of text titles and color marks.

It would make this palette easyer to manage efficiently.


2015-10-06 19:03

administrator   ~0036528

The colour labels are fine. The current drawing of the master pages in the dialog is broken and cannot just be applied. The code needs rewriting. If there is to be an indication on canvas, then another method compared to what was previously presented also needs finding (no horrible background colour change). Also, some decent colours need choosing like those in ID. The basic colours as presented in Scribus are also terrible.


2016-04-28 15:04

updater   ~0040576

A proposal (0013927) that would help this ticket become realized. Of course it seems per cbradney:
>> The current drawing of the master pages in the dialog is broken and cannot just be applied. The code needs rewriting.

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