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0013927ScribusUsabilitypublic2023-05-27 16:21
Reporterjeff Assigned Tonitramr  
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Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Target Version1.7.0 
Summary0013927: Make better use of available horizontal space for document pages in "Arrange Pages" (display master page names on the sides)
DescriptionThe current layout wastes a tremendous amount of space while simultaneously making it impossible to read the name of the master pages applied to the various pages (see attached screenshot). For the longest time I thought this felt broken, like some sort of alignment bug, but I see it's still present in 1.5.x so I'm reporting it and offering a UI suggestion for it.

Since scribus only ever deals with single or dual-page documents, and there is always a certain amount of white space due to the width of the "Arrange pages" window/pane, we can leverage this space.

My suggestion is to center the page icons, reduce their gutter (as you'll see in my mockup, they are actually closer together, horizontally speaking) and put the applied master pages' names on the side of each page (a compromise could be made between this and the current approach: the names labels could start "in" the pages icons and then extend outwards to the left or right, to have fit longer master pages names). Will attach a mockup to illustrate this.
Additional InformationThis is probably in line with the spirit of issue 0009948 and could actually replace it...
Tagsdiscussion, mockup


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related to 0009948 assignedjghali Arrange pages dialog: no visual link between page and master page (1.4.03rc) 
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2016-04-07 19:54

reporter   ~0039887

Oh yeah, and for single-page layouts, instead of center-aligning the icons and having margins on both sides, the pages can be left-aligned as they are now, but with the master page name onto the right.


2016-04-07 19:57

reporter   ~0039888

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If you want to go "all the way" with this, you could do something even more awesome: nuking the "Available master pages" section at the top, and in the remaining "Document pages" section at the bottom, have the master page names actually be interactive combobox/dropdown widgets that you can change directly, serving a dual purpose instead of just displaying the name. The "drag a master page to a document page" functionality gets replaced by the combobox.

The only "problem" I foresee so far is that you might need to use a "tabs" layout (or a button, "Edit master pages") to separate "Document Pages" from "Master Pages" editing mode.


2016-04-07 20:14

updater   ~0039889

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Nice mockup. I like the idea of centering it so there is better use of the space.

Keep in mind a few things:
* devs are eyeing the developments going on over at indigoDock ( with the high probability of including it in 1.5.3 or 1.5.4
* Issues like those that have been proposed by PeterBenedek and implemented by Franz (0013297) to spruce up this MasterPages UI have been tried but they were reverted due to difference in aesthetics.

So there may be less of an inclination to do any heavy coding for this current UI if it may change in one of the next minor versions.

Nevertheless, mockups are always welcome.


2016-04-28 13:24

updater   ~0040573

Why do we have all that wasted space in the Document Pages window?
This mockup proposes something very clean with the ability for Scribus to actually implement Franz's 0013297 in a better way. There is room for the Master Page name, we can color code that. We could also add other information since, again, there is space to.

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