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0001337ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-04-14 21:00
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Summary0001337: Drop caps only drop first char of a paragraph beginning with a quote
DescriptionIn both 1.2.1cvs and 1.3cvs, a paragraph that begins with a quote character is handled very literally by the drop caps style.

The quote is enlarged and offset as a drop cap, but the following letter is not.

I'm not sure what the correct style would be here - to make the quote small and make the next char a drop cap, to make both the quote and next char large drop caps, or to ignore the drop cap setting for quoted pars. Nonetheless, the present behaviour is almost certainly not what the user intends when enabling drop caps.

Example attached.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a text frame containing a quoted passage, such as:

"Swedish chefs go bork! bork! bork"

and set a drop cap style on it. Note that the '"' character is a drop "cap", but the S is a normal letter.
Additional InformationThe attached example also displays positioning issues with other drop caps.

This sample was generated using the scripter (an updated version my 'odyssey' stess-test script), but has been confirmed by hand.


related to 0000633 closedfschmid Drop caps not reaching to the top, and other issues 
related to 0000460 acknowledged Drop caps with more than one character 
related to 0010338 closedfschmid [new feature] patch for applying char styles to Drop Cap and on-demand control in PP 


2004-11-22 09:50


dropcaps_quotes.png (175,277 bytes)   
dropcaps_quotes.png (175,277 bytes)   


2004-11-22 09:53

reporter   ~0002932

Related to 0000633.

I can't seem to add a relationship - the relationship type pull-down is missing, and mantis reports "error 200 - A required parameter to this page was not found." when trying to add one by just entering the number and hitting add.


2004-11-22 14:19

developer   ~0002936

Quote: *the present behaviour is almost certainly not what the user intends when enabling drop caps.*

You're right.

Now, for the typographic rule, I can only speak for French and according to the *Memento typographique* from C. Gouriou — Hachette — the quotation mark before a drop cap is of the typesize of the body text. That said, there might be situations designers would want to deal with more than a glyph as drop cap, nonetheless.

I would refer you to The Chicago Manual of Style for more on English and other languages. There must be other references, specific to each language.

So, we need to be able to set a drop cap not only in number of lines but also in number of characters.

I can think of one very good example where a 2-char drop cap is useful. Some fonts won't align perfectly to the edge of the frame and this will show dramatically when at the size of a drop cap. The workaround is to set the drop cap to 2 letters, put a regular space before the first letter, then track the two to the point where they overlap and reach the point where your drop cap is well aligned with the frame.


2004-11-24 07:26

manager   ~0002938

yes, the DC is what we have to improve :-/


2016-04-14 20:52

updater   ~0040190

Heavily related to 0000460

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