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0000633ScribusStylespublic2005-07-03 09:17
Reporterlouisdesjardins Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSMandrakeOS Version10
Product Version1.2.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.2cvs 
Summary0000633: Drop caps not reaching to the top, and other issues
DescriptionPlease see the attached files, all is well described there. This is following my email to the list (may 10, 2004).
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related to 0001337 confirmed Drop caps only drop first char of a paragraph beginning with a quote 


2004-05-11 12:48


BogueLettrine.sla (38,697 bytes)


2004-06-16 17:04

administrator   ~0001757

Reminder sent to louisdesjardins

Please update to CVS, test and close bug or let us know, thanks.


2004-07-05 03:28

viewer   ~0001885

Reminder sent to louisdesjardins

Louis, can you test this.. we are trying to clean up the bug tracker in prepping for 1.2 final.



2004-07-06 03:52

viewer   ~0001891

behaviour is still present in current CVS with the file from this bug


2004-07-17 19:45

developer   ~0001987

As per July 17 2004 cvs, this bug is still present, as described(*).

Just to make sure my explanation is clear, I want to add that the drop cap is reaching too high above the top line of the font (the ascenders) of the text. From what I see with other DTP programs, the result can vary from font to font but the differences are v e r y tiny. Basically, what we want to achieve is that all type seems to hang from the top, with the drop cap always sitting on a baseline of the current text.

(*) To be precise, the 4th issue in the provided file is partly solved : there is no white space under the drop cap when “lock to baseline grid“ is active but the drop cap still starts too high.

Hope this will help!

2004-07-18 14:46


Figure 1.pdf (37,098 bytes)

2004-07-18 14:46


Figure 2.pdf (30,225 bytes)

2004-07-18 14:47


Figure 3.pdf (29,085 bytes)

2004-07-18 14:47


Figure 4.pdf (28,286 bytes)

2004-07-18 14:47


Figure 5.pdf (17,463 bytes)

2004-07-18 14:48


Figure 6.pdf (35,565 bytes)


2004-07-18 15:01

developer   ~0001990

I have provided 6 files that include notes to explain that bug. They are screen shots of the scribus files as all my attempts to provide a pdf file from the application didn’t work. (Acrobat is giving me a “damaged file“ warning that I couldn’t fix. Same result happened with 1.4 or 1.5 compatibility, with 2 sets of different fonts, in Acrobat 4 and in Acrobat 6, using various compression and no compression... Tried hard with not much success. If you find it difficult reading my notes on the screen shot, please let me know.)

After this is fixed, I have two suggestions : 1) to be able to apply the Drop Cap to more than just the first letter; 2) to be able to define a different color/shade to the drop cap (this, I know Quark 5 doesn’t do it and I can check with other DTP programs...) A bonus! If you want me to file a new “bug“ (feature request), again, let me know.


2004-07-18 15:31

administrator   ~0001994

Yes, PDF export seems to be broken now except if you set linescreen options. Im sure itll be fixed tonight.

2004-07-18 15:44


dropcapbugs_screen.pdf (409,651 bytes)


2004-07-18 15:46

developer   ~0001995

Thanks! The PDF is OK now. So here it is.


2004-07-18 16:09

administrator   ~0001996

Nicely explained... I think Franz has something to go by now. Thanks very much.


2004-10-20 12:51

developer   ~0002732

Reminder sent to cbradney

Hi Craig,

I just want to say this bug is still present in the current CVS.
I do make a fair use of drop caps...
Of course, I know issues are addressed one by one. So no pressure from me. Just a reminder! ;-)




2005-01-29 22:59

administrator   ~0003557

Franz, had this again. Can you please have a look here?


2005-04-08 09:35

viewer   ~0004178

bumping to 1.2.2


2005-05-29 07:49

administrator   ~0004823

Most issues with Drop Caps should be fixed now.


2005-05-29 08:49

administrator   ~0004824

This only looks slightly different now in the last paragraph in the sample document. The rest still look wrong to me, 1.2.2/1.3.0cvs vs 1.2.2cvs from a few days ago vs 1.2.1 there isnt much difference.


2005-05-29 08:58

administrator   ~0004825

What I see as different looks to have been confirmed fixed by Louis before. Franz do you see something different there?


2005-05-29 11:01

administrator   ~0004834

Don't take that attached doc as a reference, instead create a new doc and apply
the Drop Caps to some paragraphs. Compare this now with the look from 1.3.0cvs
from yesterday. You should see the differnce that the Drop Caps is now really
on top of the Frame when you apply it to the first paragraph of a textframe.


2005-07-02 11:53

viewer   ~0005335

I have tested this too with current 1.2.2cvs and I am inclined to close it as fixed. Thoughts ?

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