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Summary0013396: Photos in grayscale becomre v. dark when exported in a PDF for printer.
DescriptionImages in jpg, png, tif, originally colored, filtered to grayscale (or in quadtone- K100% C, M, Y - all in 0, or colored in 100% black) while exported to pdf - eps/cmyk (printers request) get very dark and many details are being lost from the images. If I play with the brightness filter, than the final image is lighter, the black becomes gray, but the details are stil blured and uncomprehensible. How can I create a CMYK pdf - letters black and some images in 4 colors (they are already in esp) and the rest (95%) of the images in gray scale?
Lots of thanks
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duplicate of 0004270 confirmed Color management applied before, not after, image effects 



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administrator   ~0036525

This is a duplicate of issue 0004270.

Image effects are currently applied after color management. When an RGB image is exported to RGB, the effect is applied in RGB colorspace. All is ok. But when an RGB image is exported to CMYK, the image is first converted to CMYK then effect is applied in CMYK colorspace, which can lead to somewhat different result.

In your case, your best option is to convert the images which should be exported as grayscale in an external program.


2015-10-05 20:11

administrator   ~0036526

Additional note: in any case, one can not expect RGB to CMYK conversion to systematically preserve colors : the full RGB luminosity range cannot be achieved in CMYK. This is even more true with K-only CMYK.

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