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0001368ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-05-07 12:29
Reporterlouisdesjardins Assigned Toavox  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSMandrakeOS Version10
Product Version1.2.1cvs 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0001368: Justified or right aligned text is misaligned when hyphenated
DescriptionSome hyphens just pop out of the text frame or out of the column (in the gutter) when text is justified (or right aligned) and hyphenated. This happens with a variety of fonts. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. One or a few hyphens will misalign when text is hyphenated.

To a lesser degree, the same will occur with commas and periods, although these will fall short and will not *hang*.

The result is justified blocks of text that are not perfectly aligned.
Steps To Reproduce(Quite a few paragraphs might be needed to see the problem.)
1. Import any text in a text frame, justify or right align it, and hyphenate it.
2. Draw a guide to help see the *hanging* hyphens.

This will happen using (seems to):
a) any font (not always at the same lines) 0f course ;-)
b) any face (same with italic, bold, bold italic)
c) any language (tried with French, English, Polish. Same result).
d) it doesn't matter wether text is formatted with stylesheet or not.
Additional InformationThe problem will show on screen and on PDF.
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2004-12-11 16:33

developer   ~0003103

Just realized bug 0001192 states the same issue.
Actual 0001368 gives only further explanations/details.
These bugs should be merged.
IMO, the 0001368 title seems to me a bit more self-explanatory.


2005-01-15 14:42

developer   ~0003481

In Jan. 8, 2005 build, the issue is still present.
Tested only with justified text.
I have a screenshot ready.

2005-01-15 14:43


hypheninmargin.png (317,842 bytes)
hypheninmargin.png (317,842 bytes)


2005-01-15 14:44

developer   ~0003482

First hyphen is OK.
Second one is in the margin (scroll down)

2005-08-17 10:27


test13.sla (427,363 bytes)


2005-08-17 10:29

reporter   ~0006140

Problem persists in 1.3.1cvs and 1.2.2. See attached test13.sla


2005-08-17 23:02

viewer   ~0006145

I tested this with a variety of fonts and all text aligment possibilities. No issue here with 1.2.3cvs, nor 1.3.1cvs.


2005-08-26 12:54

viewer   ~0006239

reopened for more discussion. probably a local issue

2005-08-26 13:09


1368-131a.png (245,990 bytes)
1368-131a.png (245,990 bytes)


2005-08-26 13:50

administrator   ~0006240

Closing this again, as i think the bugtracker is not the right place to start a discussion about a local issue. Thats more a thing for the mailing list or IRC. Its rather confusing for me to have reopened bugs just for the sake of discussion.


2005-08-26 17:57

viewer   ~0006241

Sorry Franz, original reporter mailed Craig off-list after installing 1.3.1cvs and I got CC'd to double check the fix. You are correct this is not the usual place for discussion, but perhaps the new version of mantis will allow comments for everyone even when a bug is closed.

Now, I am *certain* this is fixed and should stay closed.

In IRC this afternoon, I asked Alessandro Rimaldi to do an extensive test on his ppc gentoo system. He confirmed to me the bug was indeed fixed with a pile of different fonts.

Further, I did more tests both on the alpha Win32 build and OSX with completely different fonts, just to take platform out of the question. It behaves exactly as I would expect. I could be proven wrong, but I cannot really spend more time on this.


2006-05-04 20:44

administrator   ~0010922

Looks like this one raised its ugly head again...

Apperently it appears for full lines.

2006-05-05 22:06


Document-om.pdf (75,007 bytes)


2006-05-06 00:28

administrator   ~0010993

Also added optical margins, see attached PDF

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