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0013766ScribusImport / Exportpublic2024-01-24 19:26
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Platformx86_64OSOpenSuseOS Version13.2
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0013766: ODT Importer creates extraneous styles
DescriptionOpenOffice/LibreOffice files (.odt and .fodt) contain some standard style definitions, even if those styles are not used in the document. The importer named "ODT Document" creates matching styles in the Scribus document. It appears to import all styles in the .odt/.fodt file that have style:family="paragraph" (in the xml code inside the OO/LO file) without waiting to see if they're actually used. This does not happen if the "Import Text Only" option is selected.
This is a regression from the earlier importer, named "OpenDocument Text Documents." The importer " Writer Documents" is also unaffected.
Steps To ReproduceSave an empty file in OO/LO or just use the one attached. Create a new Scribus document and Import the OO file into a text frame with the "ODT Document" importer selected and the "Import Text Only" and "Prefix Styles with Item Name" boxes unchecked. The importation may ask to map some fonts and will then add the following unused paragraph styles to your document: Standard, Text body, List, Caption, Heading, and Index.
Additional InformationTested on svn revision 21027.
Possible Relationships:
0013672--Unnecessary manual font-mapping caused by naming differences between OO/LO and Scribus for the same font. 0013672 is Exacerbated by this bug because the user is mapping fonts that won't even be used. In the case of Apache OO on OSX, this can include a symbol font that ships INSIDE the OO application, making it hard to find.
0006573--Similar complaint and the (recent) screenshot shows the extraneous styles in Scribus, but the offending code has since been replaced, and ...I'm having trouble understanding the ticket.


related to 0013672 assignedfschmid Imported *.odt triggers some font substitution confusion 
related to 0006573 closed Some styles imported from OpenOffice loose their names 
related to 0013772 new ODT Document importer doesn't understand all styles 
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