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0013860ScribusTranslationpublic2016-11-04 00:17
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Summary0013860: translation dependence from Qt project
DescriptionThere is an undocumented translation dependence from Qt project. See this issue: 0013107.

A) Please document this feature for other translators:

B) Or please remove this dependency. _I think, it's a bad strategy_. We have 7000+ strings in Scribus translation files, and we reuse from an other project only cca. <10 strings. For these <10 strings translators must learn Qt project translation workflow and get access for this project. It would be much easier to include all necessary strings to Scribus translation project.
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2016-03-28 09:33

administrator   ~0039466

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>> It would be much easier to include all necessary strings to Scribus translation project.

Not so easy. Those strings are dependent on desktop environment. That's why we never use them directly in our code. We just pass appropriate flags to Qt message box. There is other stuff handled by Qt message boxes which also depend on desktop environment like the order of buttons, another thing we prefer not to handle ourselves.

If Qt project were to update those strings and if we were to import those strings in Scribus, you would get no notification and you would have:
1) to update those strings in Scribus code yourself for all desktop environments supported by Qt
2) update ts files by running lupdate
3) translate those strings

1) is probably a burden we prefer to avoid.


2016-03-28 09:47

reporter   ~0039467

Thanks, Jean.

In this case, I think, it would be good to document this Qt translation dependency.


2016-03-30 19:07

updater   ~0039557

bubu, we can work on documenting this.


2016-04-02 12:28

reporter   ~0039695

Kunda, let's do it!


2016-04-02 13:22

updater   ~0039706

bubu, lets start the proposal at


2016-04-02 15:42

reporter   ~0039714

Thanks Kunda. You can see my proposal on the wiki.


2016-04-18 16:02

reporter   ~0040277

Kunda, ping.


2016-08-06 14:40

reporter   ~0041897

Kunda, can you finish this issue?
The Hungarian team just makes the translation of Qt here:


2016-11-01 16:56

updater   ~0042283

@bubu starting at and announcing intentions to volunteer makes sense. What do you think ?


2016-11-01 17:00

updater   ~0042284

@bubu apologies, seems like you've already announced it on there


2016-11-01 17:11

reporter   ~0042285

@Kunda, thanks. Can you review my proposal ( and finish this issue?


2016-11-02 12:49

updater   ~0042288

'finish this issue' entails:
1) Filling the rest of the info for how to use Transifex
2) State the intention of Transifex and the option to use (some don't)
3) Screenshots of the process
4) Guidelines for Language Coordinators
5) Guidelines for Language Translators
6) editing the current official translation document


2016-11-02 13:00

updater   ~0042289

Noting to be added to the wiki page


2016-11-02 13:53

reporter   ~0042290

@Kunda, we are talking about the same thing?

I think, this issue is about missing Qt translations. We need only to document in Scribus wiki:
1. there are translation dependence from Qt project,
2. and how to start with this task.

Please, see referenced issue 0013107.

Qt project doesn't support Transifex for his translation workflow. I do not understand your previous comment about Transifex related task list. This issue is not about Transifex.


2016-11-02 20:35

updater   ~0042295

Yea.. we're talking about the same thing. Check my revision.


2016-11-02 20:44

reporter   ~0042297

Excellent, I accept! Thanks.
(Hm... Kunda = luzpaz?)


2016-11-02 21:02

updater   ~0042299

aka luzpaz :)
Updated wiki page.
Closing issue

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