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0013912ScribusStylespublic2016-12-08 22:04
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PlatformPCOSArchlinuxOS Versionuptodate
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Target Version1.5.4 
Summary0013912: Scribus doesn't highlight text accurately if you turn selection in to a list
DescriptionIf you mark some text and make it a numerated list, Scribus marks as many signs as before although there are now more signs for the numbers (the @ sign in the text editor.)
If you now want to change font or font size, the not marked letters will not change the font.
Steps To ReproduceMake a new text frame, type in:
Mark all the text with mouse, go to text, paragraph effects, numerated list.
You see that last 4321 is not marked anymore.
Go to no paragraph effect and numerated list again, another 4 signs are not highlighted anymore. (4 because we have 4 lines here - 5 lines, 5 signs and so on)
Now change font - in trust that you have marked all the text...
Additional InformationIt would be nice if Scribus remembers _what_ has been marked, not the number of signs that have been marked.


related to 0013488 confirmed Position of the number in numbered lists 
related to 0014347 confirmed PP displays incorrect informations for numerated lists 



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p-effects.png (3,366 bytes)   
p-effects.png (3,366 bytes)   


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missing-highligh.gif (130,556 bytes)   


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