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0013488ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0013488: Position of the number in numbered lists
DescriptionIn numbered lists the number or letter is aligned left.
This don't look very professional - especially as the texts on the right don't start in one line.
This is if you have e.g. numbers 9 and 10 or letters - "m" needs more place than "i".

In Indesign you can choose the position of the number - left, center, right.


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related to 0013946 resolvedjghali Add autoindent to bullet/numbering in paragraph styles 
related to 0013730 new Numerated Lists: no whitespace between list item number and text of that list item 
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2015-11-01 15:17


letter.jpg (40,216 bytes)   
letter.jpg (40,216 bytes)   


2016-03-23 17:18

developer   ~0039367

I dont say it cant be improved... but as for now, you can probably override at least part of this behaviour :

Have you tried to define a dedicated character style and and use it for the effect (= the number) ? (its part of the in the style definition tab). For example you could use a fixed width font.

+ Doesnt the 'automatic indent' (in that 'paragraph effect' tab) fix that issue once you have defined a correct tab position ?

Have you tried also the 'text distance' option (also in that 'paragraph effect' tab) ?


2016-03-23 20:42

reporter   ~0039369

I don't think, this will help.
a. often you have to use a certain font
b. if you have numbers with a different number ( 1, 2, 3 ... 10, 100) you don't have a chance to fix this.

The only chance are tables - but then you can't use numbered lists (and you have to edit every number if you you add or delete a row).


2016-03-23 22:13

developer   ~0039370

it seems you havent tried really.
What about "the 'automatic indent' ?


2016-03-23 23:41

developer   ~0039371

It should be possible using a right align tab as a prefix for the first page
or a as a suffix for the second page

but it looks like tabs are ignored when set as prefix or suffix
- as if skiped


2016-04-20 16:09

updater   ~0040339

Complimentary issue in 0013946


2016-04-20 16:19

reporter   ~0040343

I got an InDesign example from a friend to explain the request.


2016-04-20 16:19


indesign.jpg (155,714 bytes)   
indesign.jpg (155,714 bytes)   


2016-04-20 17:24

updater   ~0040345

Yea.. looks like 0013730 is related.

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