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0017243ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2024-07-01 13:02
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Summary0017243: Left indent for numbered lists
DescriptionThe Scribus Paragraph Effects now have a list.

Sadly, it's not possible to create a correct hanging indent, because the existing field "offset" does not start from the left (or right for RTL) margin but from the suffix.

This is a bigger issue at least for numbered lists with more than 9 elements (and for shorter lists that are not in arab numbers).

See this forum thread for a complaint about this:

Aligning Numbered Lists Vertically,5213.msg23805.html#msg23805

I've checked how Libreoffice does it:
From what I can tell, it simply adds a tab character after the suffix. Automatically. Always.
If no tab is defined, the cursor will jump to the first default tab.

This having been said that, I wonder what's the use case for the offset that starts from the number / suffix.
Is there any?

If there is no known usage for it, I guess that the simplest solution is to repurpose this offset to start from the left margin.
The feature is pretty new in the stable version and -- if nobody if it is has no real purpose in its current implementation, i don't see why somebody would have used it...

The better solution is probably:

- The "offset" field is deprecated (and in the long term completely removed from Scribus; except if somebody comes up with a use case for the current implementation...).
- By default the list paragraph effects jump to the first existing tab (the default one if there is none) by inserting an automatic tab character after the suffix
- It might be possible to disable the automatic tab (if somebody comes up with a use case where this is useful)
- If there is a way to disable the automatic tab and the offset gets deprecated, allow multiple chars in the suffix (in order to allow a space after the dot)
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