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0016985ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2023-07-31 07:05
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Summary0016985: Numbered list: there is no way to add a tab after the suffix
DescriptionCurrently. in the numbered lists, the there is no separator between the suffix and the text of the paragraph.

It is possible to add a tab sign by copy pasting it into the "suffix" input field, but it will be ignored in the "final" text (i guess that the layout does not check if there is a tab sign in there...)

Since a numbered list without a proper alignment is basically useless, it might be useful ,-- as a first step -- to recognize tabs in the suffix.

But in the long term. the effect should offer the option to add a tabulator (or a space?) after the suffix (and enable that by default... i guess).
The less good alternative being that it should be possible to just type a tab in the input field (and override the "next field" action attached to it): but I'm really not sure if that's a good idea. (btw, the copy paste workaround is for sure not a good workflow)
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