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0013946ScribusStylespublic2024-05-11 21:52
ReporterBen Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformLinux x86_64OSOpenSuSeOS VersionTumbleweed
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0013946: Add autoindent to bullet/numbering in paragraph styles
DescriptionAuto-indenting, to separate blocks of text from their bullets and give the text block a clean left edge, is implemented in the properties window, but not in the "Paragraph Effects" tab of the Paragraph Style dialog, where other bullet characteristics can be set.

Manually format bullet paragraphs using the properties window in addition to any auto-formatting provided by styles.

Ineffective Workarounds:
Appending a tab character to the bullet glyph in the style definition doesn't work. A bullet symbol can be more than one character, but the character-insert dialog doesn't offer the tab character. Even modifying the style definition within the .sla file by hand doesn't achieve the desired result on the page.


related to 0013488 confirmed Position of the number in numbered lists 
related to 0013489 closedKunda Differences in levels in numbered lists 
related to 0013884 resolvedjghali Numbered list auto-indentation doesn't work with prefix or suffix 
related to 0013730 new Numerated Lists: no whitespace between list item number and text of that list item 



2016-04-11 08:26

reporter   ~0040038

Duplicate of 0013488?


2016-04-11 19:48

reporter   ~0040089

Last edited: 2016-04-20 16:08

I'd say they're complementary. Enhanced justification of the numbering "column" (right and perhaps center & decimal for completeness), as envisioned in 0013488, wouldn't necessarily be available in user-defined styles. Conversely, making auto-indent available via styles (this ticket) would add only convenience and no new functionality to address 0013488. In a perfect world, tools to fully and elegantly address 0013488 would be provided, along with auto-indent, both in the properties window and in user-defined styles.

As noted in 0013488, that narrow example could be addressed by using automatic indent, applied ad-hoc, via the properties window. This issue asks that such capability be made accessible in user-defined styles. More complex examples can always be formatted as fully-typed text with tabs rather than as auto-numbered or auto-bulleted text, at the expense of smooth importation from environments that have a "list" concept, like html and word processors. Of course, such importation isn't fully implemented yet, anyway.

Hope this helps.


2020-11-15 19:30

reporter   ~0048425

Isn't this implemented in scribus 1.5.5 and later?


2024-05-11 21:52

administrator   ~0051145

Yes, auto-indentation has been available in paragraph styles parameters for some time now.

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