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0001393ScribusPrintingpublic2006-08-18 22:10
Reportercjmorlan Assigned Toplinnell 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Platformi686OSFedora Core (BU Linux 4.0) 
Product Version1.2 
Summary0001393: Printing ignores landscape
DescriptionI created a document in landscape mode, but when I printed it (to a postscript file) the data were in landscape, but the paper was not.

Relatedly, at home, under Debian, it also did not realise the paper was letter size, and defaulted to A4.

I fixed my file by editing the postscript and adding the line:

  90 rotate 0 612 neg translate
Right after the "save" following the %%Page: 1 1. 612 is the page width in points (8.5 inches).
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duplicate of 0004124 closedTsoots Printing with Landscape Orientation buggy 
related to 0001839 closedplinnell Does not print Landscape. Ever. 
related to 0003019 closed Jobs to CUPS abort 
related to 0003501 closed Debian bug report #358662: New Document Dialogue: Landscape/Portrait switched 



2004-12-15 21:19

administrator   ~0003163

Did you export to EPS/PS or print to postscript? If you print you will have to select landscape in your printer settings.


2004-12-15 21:36

reporter   ~0003164

I was printing to a file, in which case it does not give me such an option.


2006-01-28 12:56

developer   ~0008429

works perfectly here with portrait but landscape gives bad results. see my test files.

cvs Jan 26th.

2006-01-28 12:57 (8,822 bytes)

2006-01-28 12:57


1393.sla (10,494 bytes)


2006-04-09 14:44

developer   ~0009747

confirmed with scribus 1.3.3 from April 5. Printing with Cups: whatever I choose in "Options", landscape will be ignored. Please try for example to print this file in landscape (without using kprinter workaround)


2006-04-09 18:23

administrator   ~0009759

Works here with that file.

2006-04-09 18:39


printing_landscape.png (277,823 bytes)   
printing_landscape.png (277,823 bytes)   


2006-04-09 18:49

developer   ~0009760

I've attached a screen shot with my printing options to make sure, we are not talking about different thigns.

btw, this blender quick start sheet is a very nice job, don't you think? Made by Pierre-Luc Auclair:


2006-04-09 20:13

administrator   ~0009765

Yep, same setting. Works here.


2006-04-22 11:27

developer   ~0010306

Last edited: 2006-04-22 16:15

Reminder sent to: christoph_s, louisdesjardins, PLucAuclair

could you try to print in landscape the abovementioned Blender Quicks Start Guide from Scribus and see, if you encounter any troubles?


2006-04-22 16:36

reporter   ~0010320

My printer is only very badly supported by Foomatic (no raster images), and won't run properly with Cups (I get a 1½" margin at the top and too much ink flow). So yeah.. I worked on that doc blindfolded. Can't help you on this one.

Have you checked if your printer is well supported?


2006-04-23 21:51

developer   ~0010381

PLucAuclair: my printer is an old HP 815c, which works very well with Cups and foomatic hpijs driver. However, it choked very badly while trying to print your Start Guide, printed only 1/5 of the page and stalled. I cannot exclude for sure, that the fault isn't on my side, that's why I've started this inquiry in first place. Perhaps it's a case for the mailing list in order to test it thoroughly...

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