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0013934ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-04-07 11:04
ReporterKunda Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformMacOSXOSYosemiteOS Version10.10.5
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Target Version1.5.4 
Summary0013934: Alt+Tab away and back to SE will reset font back to default
Descriptionsee screencast
Steps To Reproduce1. open a new document
2. create a new text frame and open the text editor
3. change the font and size to something other than the default
4. alt+tab away from scribus
5. alt+tab back to scribus
Font chosen will switch back to default font: Arial Regular/12 pt rather than what what was selected before alt+tabbing away from Scribus.


related to 0009373 confirmed Preconfiguring font doesn't take affect 
related to 0011721 confirmed SE defaults when switching away and back to Scribus  
related to 0013525 closedjghali Content in SE jumps upward when switching between windows 



2016-04-09 04:58


alt-tab-reset.gif (888,926 bytes)   
alt-tab-reset.gif (888,926 bytes)   


2016-12-05 19:01

updater   ~0042692

Still exists in 1.5.3svn r21584


2016-12-06 00:47

updater   ~0042703

@william or @jurajF do you fellas have any time to take a peak at this issue?


2016-12-16 03:22

updater   ~0043054

Please fix this before 1.5.3 release :/


2016-12-17 01:01

updater   ~0043084

Last edited: 2016-12-17 01:10

Per conversation w/ jghali on IRC
<Kunda_> jghali, how would one debug 0013934 ?
<jghali> Kunda_, the SE updates its content from current item when its window is activated and update item content when its window is desactivated
<jghali> in story editor, just changing font or font size does nto change any text properties, you just modify the text cursor properties
<Kunda_> right
<jghali> when deactivating SE and activating again, text cursor properties are just lost as SE had to reload text from item
<Kunda_> "...reload text from item" ?
<Kunda_> what is 'item' here mean? like an object?
<jghali> yep, reload text from text object
<Kunda_> does SE recognize that it's being deactivated by an alt+tab event ?
<Kunda_> could it potentially ?
<jghali> it just get a notification from system that it has been desactivated
<jghali> i don't see how we could fix this issue unless making the text editor modal again
<jghali> which won't happen
<Kunda_> jghali, so there is _no way_ that the system can differentiate for the SE that an alt+tab event has been triggered?
<Kunda_> it's just binary on/off ?
<jghali> we just get a system event
<jghali> on windows the alt+tab is not even received by scribus
<jghali> Kunda, the key combination is processed directly by system
<jghali> which in return ask corresponding applications to hide or show its windows


2020-04-07 11:04

reporter   ~0047493

Something like this still exists in 1.5.5 and I think it is more serious than the description here might suggest.
I am running Scribus on 64-bit Linux: OpenSuSE Leap 15.1
Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a scribus project that already has some text with paragraph styles attached. The style should *not* use the first font in the list of available fonts.
2) Select a text frame and open the Story Editor
3) Click on a word and verify that the font is as expected.
4) Switch to a different virtual desktop or activate the screen-lock then unlock again. (Changing focus to a different app on the same desktop is not enough)
5) Now look at the font dialogue in the Story Editor. It shows the first font in the list of available fonts. It continues to do this whatever text you select. Closing the Story Editor and re-opening it makes no difference. The only way back to correct behaviour is to restart Scribus, suggesting that some critical data-structure has been corrupted.

This could be related to bug 0015649 because opening the search dialogue before switching desktops prevents the bad behaviour.

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