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0014335ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-02-26 20:01
ReporterKunda Assigned ToKunda  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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PlatformManjaroOSLinuxOS Version16.10 64 bit
Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0014335: Big icons on HiDPI (hdpi) and large status bar
DescriptionIf I start Scribus 1.5.3svn r21463 Qt5.7 all icons are too large.

If I invoke it from the command line like so:

and change the fonts to 11pt then I can view it correctly. See chat snippet below:

<killermoehre> Kunda_: do you have a HiDPI display? looks like this is the problem with the big icons
<Kunda_> yes
<Kunda_> i have hidpi
<killermoehre> Kunda_: with »QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.786 scribus
« it looks not so bad, but you have to set all font sizes in the application from 9 to 11
<Kunda_> wow, that really helped
<killermoehre> Kunda_: so scribus does the HiDPI stuff wrong. I have a DPI setting of 125, so I have to use QT_SCALE_FACTOR=96/125 and scale every font by 125/96
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related to 0014180 new scribus now looks weird on my hidpi monitor 
has duplicate 0015425 closedjghali toolbar icons are too big on hdpi screen (on linux) 



2016-10-28 23:48

administrator   ~0042217

Using QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.786 is wrong in the first place because this indicates Qt to reduce scale, which makes no sense for HiDPI. Also Qt does not support non integer scale factors at this point.


2016-10-29 07:00

administrator   ~0042218

The QT_SCALE_FACTOR has been also wrongly computed: as the DPI is higher, Qt has to scale up, so the theoretical scale factor is 125/96. But as previously mentioned, non integer scale factor are not supported by Qt. See

"Q: Are non-integer scale factors supported?
A: Qt uses qreal in the API, and will allow setting non-integer scale factors via QT_SCALE_FACTOR. However, Qt does not guarantee that graphics and styles will be glitch-free in that case. Styles may break first: the fusion style is generally most scalable. The Qt platform plugins round the reported scale factors to the nearest integer."


2016-10-29 20:19

reporter   ~0042222


killermoehre form #xfce here.

Problem is, IMHO, that qt5.7 for some reason does the recognition of the DPI wrong. VLC build against qt5.7 shows the same behavior. Maybe it's a Xfce bug, too.


2016-11-18 17:40

updater   ~0042462

@killermoehre how can we learn if this is a Scribus issue or an upstream Xfce bug?


2016-11-19 09:18

reporter   ~0042469

@Kunda well, it's not a Scribus issue, but either a Xfce or Qt issue (and because it worked with older Qt, I think it's a Qt issue).


2016-11-19 11:39

updater   ~0042471

@killermoehre do you mind opening a qt bug right-quick I'll add screenshots for it. I'm just not 100% on what the issue is and don't know how to convey it well.


2016-11-19 12:14

reporter   ~0042474

@Kunda yes, I mind.
The question is how Qt is determining the DPI settings. So pleas open a bug at there side, stating that you run Xfce and that the scaling is all off (with screenshot). The devs will probably know how to fix it or at least where to look at.


2016-11-19 12:28

updater   ~0042475

@killermoehre Ok, here is the upstream bug
Do you mind chiming in so that the devs see it's reproducible? Thanks!


2018-12-07 17:43

developer   ~0045700

When I run e.g. PhotoFlare with 'export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2', I get a more or less sensible scaling. Icons are crap, but at least menu and other text items in the UI are all right:

Not with Scribus, though:

(This is the latest from SVN).

Unsure if I'm of any help here, just thought an update might be in place.

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