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Summary0001462: Lines (borders) on frames are drawn from the center of the edge to the outside
DescriptionWhen you need a frame around a text or pic frame, the frame is drawn from the center of the frame's edges. This means your line basically goes outside your frame for half the value of the line and of course goes into your frame for the other half. The actual result of this is to expand the size of the frame.

Although this might not be a big issue with low values (half point, 1 point...) it can be more difficult to deal with when you need a 4 pts border... You are then clearly out of any margin you've decided to use.

The actual workaround is to modify the size of the frame accordingly.

I think we need more flexibility on this useful feature. For instance, would it be possible to let users decide wether the lines are to be drawn inside the edges, outside the edge or like it is right now, from the center of the edges?


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2004-12-28 16:50

administrator   ~0003267

Yes, should be possible to have 3 options here I think.
1. draw inside using line as outside edge of line
2. draw on line as center
3. draw outside using line as inside edge of line


2019-09-18 08:51

manager   ~0046671

Inner/outer/center stroke placement
marked as invalid

good summary in a reply to "Can you control how an SVG's stroke-width is drawn?"

the svg 2.0 proposal for the stroke has some interesting edge cases:


2019-09-18 09:04

manager   ~0046672

Last edited: 2019-09-19 07:35

marc (mc) from inkscape suggests that (as long as the svg standard does not sort out every detail for inner/outer) it might be possible to implement a right/left in the direction of the path.

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