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0004259Scribus-public2016-05-24 20:36
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Summary0004259: Alignment of strokes frames
DescriptionThe procedure: Put a frame with a big, colored stroke (20 pt) on a
document. When aligning this frame to a guideline, the *middle* of the
stroked frame is used for aligning it to the guideline.

I made a screenshot:

 From my intention, it would be better to use the outer side of the
stroked frame for aligning it to the guide ..??
Steps To ReproduceSee above :-)
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duplicate of 0001462 acknowledged Lines (borders) on frames are drawn from the center of the edge to the outside 
related to 0005571 closedfschmid Text Flow ignores object border line 
related to 0014027 new Option to choose the direction of an outline border (outwards vs inwards) 
related to 0003822 feedback Stroke of letters overlap the inside of the letters themselves. 



2006-09-17 21:38

reporter   ~0012548

Problem is sometimes you want to align on the outside of the object, and sometimes you want to align the "structure" of the object.

Would require some kind of option in the align window.


2006-09-19 03:49

reporter   ~0012570

Additionally, there's an RFE or something somewhere for setting whether the border line is centered (like now), inside, or outside the frame with respect to the frame width/height shown in properties.

One _still_ might want to align/snap on any of these no matter which is selected, though.


2006-09-27 01:41

developer   ~0012638

Last edited: 2006-09-27 01:42

Here. Look at 0001462. :)


2016-05-24 20:36

updater   ~0041382

Closing as dupe of 0001462

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