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0014825ScribusTypographypublic2017-05-28 22:36
ReporterRoland Illig Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.2 
Summary0014825: Support Arabic text
DescriptionArabic text is written correctly in the text editor (Ctrl+T), but wrong in the main window.

In the text editor, the text is written from right to left.
The appearance of each letter changes depending on its neighbor letters.
This is how it should be.

In the main window, the text is written from left to right,
Each letter is always written in its isolated form, even if it has neighbor letters.
This is wrong.

The text in the main window should be written as correctly as in the text editor.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Scribus 1.5.2
2. Create a new document.
3. Add a text box.
4. Select the text box and press Ctrl+T. The text editor opens in a separate window.
5. Enter the word "هذا". The word is shown correctly, written from right to left.
6. Select the whole text and change the font size to 72pt. The appearance of the text doesn't change. (Why not? I would have expected the text to be larger now. But that's only a minor point.)
7. Press Ctrl+W to apply the changes. The text is displayed in large letters, but written from left to right. Furthermore, the appearance of the leftmost letter is wrong, since it is displayed in its isolated form, but should be displayed in its connected form. It should look like in the text editor from the previous step, which displays everything correctly.
Tagsarabic right-to-left


duplicate of 0001079 closedFahad Arabic is not supported in Scribus yet. 



2017-05-28 22:35

administrator   ~0043951

Duplicate of 0001079. Non latin languages are not supported in any Scribus version prior to 1.5.3.

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