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0015056ScribusGeneralpublic2020-09-01 20:59
Reporterdechennamdrol Assigned Tocbradney  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version1.5.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015056: Crash at startup
DescriptionGet an error message: Scribus crashes due to Signal 0000011

I didn't get the message with the latest stable release
Steps To ReproduceJust download the dmg file from sourceforge, install by dragging the app in the Application folder, and run the program.
It crashes after few seconds, each time.
Also, it is needed to Force Quit the program as the error message window is non responsive.
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2017-11-29 09:36



2017-12-05 00:06

viewer   ~0044715

we need more info. Can you run this from Terminal ? This should give us some debugging info.


2017-12-05 11:25

reporter   ~0044716

I'd be happy to provide more info, but to run it from the terminal with the command "open -a" does not give any additional information.

I've been looking for the location of any log file, but couldn't find it.

Please advise on what to do to provide some debugging information.


2017-12-05 11:59

reporter   ~0044717

Here is the crash report that is sent to Apple.

Not sure it is safe to place it here: if not, please remove it or let me know and I'll remove it.

Scribus-crash-report.rtf (1,168,570 bytes)


2017-12-07 14:28

manager   ~0044721

can you please give us the version of os x you're using and the link from where you downloaded scribus?


2017-12-07 15:29

updater   ~0044725

the crash report says 'macOS 10.12.6'.


2017-12-11 14:52

reporter   ~0044734


2018-04-30 09:57

reporter   ~0045192

I have just installed the latest 1.5.4 release, and it also crashes, with the same error message


2020-09-01 20:59

administrator   ~0048014

Versions of Scribus, OSX and dependencies have moved on. Resolving.

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