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Summary0015317: When reopening document, Scribus goes back to the very first page
DescriptionEvery time we are working in file and save it, then we close the file in order to keep working later on.. Scribus opens the file at the very first page.. is it any way to make it remind the last page when changes have been saved ? as when working with big files you have keep looking for the very last page you were working on.
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has duplicate 0015323 closedjghali After saving a project the file opens from page 1 



2018-05-15 11:06

reporter   ~0045246

perhaps (is only an idea as I am not programmer and not sure on how to achieve it) could be command in the document preferences to allow saving and opening the file from the very last page the document was when saving ?? hope it makes sense..
Thanks and cheers to the developer team of this great tool.

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