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0015323ScribusGeneralpublic2018-05-14 23:42
Reporterenzogian Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015323: After saving a project the file opens from page 1
DescriptionThis is a behavior that could be extremely useful if is changed, lets say, if the document manages to keep the very last page where the designer was working at the moment it closed the file, then when opening the file can open at the exact page. This can be very useful when working with big files otherwise the user has the go around finding the page where was working etc.. I really hope seeing this feature at some point of Scribus evolution.
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duplicate of 0015317 new When reopening document, Scribus goes back to the very first page 



2018-05-14 23:29

administrator   ~0045242

Duplicate of 0015317. No need to open new issues for expressing something already described by another one.


2018-05-14 23:42

administrator   ~0045243

>> No need to open new issues for expressing something already described by another one.

If you have a specific remark to do about an existing issue, just add a note to the specific issue.

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