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0001537ScribusDocumentationpublic2005-05-08 19:33
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Summary0001537: 3rd party documentation: Polish FreedomYug tutorial to include into help browser
DescriptionI don't know where to put it on the Scribus website (a "Tutorials" category under "Downloads" is badly needed), so there is a package with an extended Polish version of the Freedomyug tutorial and the localised version of the sample files:

The tutorial is to be viewed inside the Scribus' help browser (thanks to Craig, see bug 830). It looks and works fine enough (see screen shot), even the previous/next links work properly.

I encourage Polish users in the README file to install it under $prefix/share/scribus/doc/en/tutorials/* , to have both the English official documentation and this Polish tutorial in one place, without switching the languages.

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related to 0000830 closedcbradney Integration of 3rd party docs within Scribus 
related to 0001218 closeddeejay1 [pl_PL] Projekt oficjalnej polskiej dokumentacji [en_*] Official polish documentation project 


2005-01-11 16:40



2005-01-11 20:35

administrator   ~0003452

I have the english version here ready to go.


2005-01-11 20:59

developer   ~0003453

That's great, let us hope, there will be more other tutorials soon. BTW, where do you upload yours on the scribus website?


2005-01-18 08:57

viewer   ~0003502

added new category on and linked your pl translation


2005-01-18 11:08

developer   ~0003507

Do you want me to create a new bug report for the same being applied to French?
The link in the FR part of the site actually downloads the original from Nyam.
Craig must have all translated files needed to read the Tutorial (this is online but I realize the screenshots are outdated) and to create the .sla files + the corresponding PDFs.
Of course, I can upload this again!
BTW, if I remember well, back then it was not possible to import .sxw files into Scribus, so all texts needed to accomplish the Tutorial are in the .txt format. I could make those files .sxw.
Tell me what's needed.


2005-01-18 13:17

administrator   ~0003508

I have uploaded the freedomyug tutorial in english to now in the same section. Has a cutdown installer based on the Scribus one.


2005-01-18 14:30

developer   ~0003509

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
The EN version of the Tutorial is the only accessible from both the EN and the FR pages.


2005-01-18 14:49

administrator   ~0003510

www... not doc. I have a package built now (have had since before the 1.2.1 release). I will build a package based on the French texts. We will just need the new screenshots then. Will let you know.


2005-01-18 20:37

developer   ~0003511

Thanks :)


2005-05-08 18:49

developer   ~0004551

Last edited: 2005-05-08 18:50

This issue was done by Craig months ago :)

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