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0015397ScribusPrintingpublic2019-06-04 20:56
Reportertutaine Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.4.7.svn 
Fixed in Version1.4.8.svn 
Summary0015397: Some text in text frames invisible in print preview/when printed
DescriptionThis is a bit like Bug:0013913.

The text in the frame has three text styles: Title, Author, and Imported Default Paragraph Text. Title and Actor show up fine. Imported Default Paragraph Text does not show up at all when I'm trying to print the file. o errors show up during Preflight.
I've bumped the priority on this to high because I cannotdeliver work until I can print it.
Steps To ReproduceNot sure. Am attaching problem file.
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has duplicate 0015398 closedjghali Some text in text frames invisible in print preview/when printed 



2018-08-10 16:53


MorrisShortStores.pdf (555,332 bytes)
MorrisShortStores.sla (142,899 bytes)


2018-08-10 19:14

administrator   ~0045370

I cannot reproduce your problem here, however I do not have the font used in your document. Please upload them too. You can use File > Collect For Output with "Include Fonts" checked to do this.


2018-08-11 00:11


MorrisShortStores-2.sla (112,957 bytes)
sRGB.icm (3,144 bytes)
Baskerville.ttc (1,371,312 bytes)


2018-08-11 07:31

administrator   ~0045371

Thanks. For now as a workaround, you can set all fonts to "Outline" by clicking the "Outline All" button in the "Fonts" tab of the PDF export dialog.


2018-08-12 16:43

administrator   ~0045372

Fixed. If you're on Windows, I'll upload a snapshot on sourceforge soon.


2018-08-12 17:56

administrator   ~0045373

The Windows snapshots are available here:

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