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0015416InfrastructureGeneralpublic2022-10-24 20:34
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Summary0015416: Donate button
DescriptionThe current website lacks any information regarding donations. A button would be cool but any information would be appreciated.
Steps To ReproduceTry to help financially Development team.
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2018-09-06 14:01

reporter   ~0045434

Perhaps, while there isn't a fund account, each dev.eloper, if they wish so, could share a paypal payme link where everyone could donate.
To be sure that those people are in fact Scribus developers, those links would be in a verified list somewhere on the website.


2021-01-18 22:35


so why the developers (they should have access to the website?!) do not put their paypal-link on the website? You deserve the posibility to give you something back. Even if this is not going to be much and obviously you aren´t doing this because of money. but nevertheless


2022-10-24 20:34



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